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Parents Beware: Your Child Could Choke On A Hotdog

In a shocking incident, we are informed of the heart rending story of Marta Rodgriguez. She had to watch her little boy, 4 year old Antony choke to death on a hotdog while she and other adults including two police officers were present there, but were powerless to help. Several things including the Heimlich maneuver […]

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You Might be Surprised What Hides Behind Your Jokes

Parents sometime forget that some of their grown-up jokes are not suitable for their children ears. Usually children see these jokes directly reported to their own person and many of them might seem not the right thing when more carefully analyzed. Maybe to the parents making fun or saying funny things is something natural but […]

Do You Know About The TV Parental Guidelines?

Do You Know About The TV Parental Guidelines?

One of the things that is a constant worry for parents is TV viewing, about how addicted their children are to TV, about how what they view affects them and about how it keeps them from engaging in other healthier, more physical activities. So it is imperative that parents are cognizant with what their children […]

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Google Buzz – Parents Beware

Google Buzz, the new social networking tool that has shot into popularity just recently, is not without issues, some of which are highlighted here. The article talks about the personal experience of a technology analyst: her daughter shared a private conversation and made it public without meaning to. Google buzz is able to give strangers […]

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Ways For Parents To Teach Economics To Their Children

Teaching how money and consequently how the home economy works is an important lesson for parents to impart to their children. Here are the lessons parents can teach their children: It is important for parents to explain to their children how debt works. This can happen when children understand the impact that debt has on […]

Identifying When You Are Nagging

Identifying When You Are Nagging

Nagging is a pretty awful word; it is defined as “To annoy by constant scolding, complaining, or urging” or “find fault constantly,” and to be a “constant source of anxiety or annoyance.” It has also some rather horrible synonyms: continuous, niggling, endless, relentless, never ending, interminable, complaining, critical, sharp tongued and shrewish. In fact the […]

Some iPhone Apps For Parents

Some iPhone Apps For Parents

OK now while we are not suggesting that you start out your toddler on a bunch of video games, it does make sense to load a few apps on your iPhone that, in an emergency may be useful and appropriate enough to distract an upset, bored or inconsolable toddler. Scribble is an interesting iPhone app […]

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Parents Should Limit Exposure Of Children To Digital Media

Kids today are clued in to technology like never before; and email, video games, MP3 players are constantly at their finger tips. Tufts professor and researcher Maryanne Wolf is worried about what this does to our minds. According to her: Some positive skills do emerge from technology but the emphasis is on instant gratification and […]

How To Explain About Money To Your Child?

How To Explain About Money To Your Child?

In these days of financial stringency and the recession nowhere near over yet, the imperative to teach your child about money is ever stronger. At times like the present when the global economic slowdown that lessened the spending power of most and caused layoffs the world over, children need to understand more than ever, how […]

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Obese Infant Obese For Life?

We as a people are paying attention to childhood obesity perhaps like never before in the history of mankind and increasingly we are realizing that the seeds of obesity are sown in childhood and even in infancy, according to the researchers. Yes a plump baby is quite adorable, but the fat babies are most likely […]