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3 Tips For Good Children’s Behavior

3 Tips For Good Children’s Behavior

Parenting does not end merely when they are able to produce children and having the financial capability to back them up in terms of education and a good life. There is such a concept called children’s behavior that parents need to take into full consideration, especially in the child’s formative years. The concept of molding […]

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Is Nudity An Absolute No-No For Children?

Why do parents get so shocked and offended by any kind of nudity? And why do we assume that it is always be bad for a child to view? What exactly is the issue here? It is a valid question to ask, why children should be shielded from all kinds of nudity. Surely there is […]

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Are You A Woman Working Part-Time? You Probably Have Healthier Kids

A recent Australian study has found that mothers who work part time are likely to have the healthiest kids; more so that women who either work full time or are stay at home moms. According to researchers Jan Nicholson of Melbourne’s Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, those children whose mothers worked part time, were likely to […]

Becoming Parents After Age 30 - Some Benefits

Becoming Parents After Age 30 – Some Benefits

With medical science and the media often highlighting the benefits of becoming parents earlier in life; in one’s twenties, perhaps it is important to also highlight some of the benefits of becoming a parent after one turns 30. It could be that a couple married when they were already in their 30’s or that they […]

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Safety Tips When Traveling With Children By Public Transport

If you are traveling by public transport such as the Metro or the bus, particularly with two or more kids in tow, it would be useful to keep the following in mind: The adult should be the last one to cross the turnstile. Wait until all the children have crossed over one by one, with […]


Some Anti-Bullying Tips To Help Your Child

The Urbana Middle School outside Frederick, Md., seems to have in place an anti bullying policy that works and which parents and other schools may do well to take note of and emulate. It is the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program that schools have adopted as part of the school culture so that it is not […]

Best Places To Fly A Kite With Your Boy

Best Places To Fly A Kite With Your Boy

Nothing can be more exciting and enjoyable than flying a kite with your boy. It is an excellent way to bond with your kid and at the same time for you to relax and enjoy your son’s company. Flying a kite is something which the two of you can do together without traveling too far […]

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Parents Listen Up – Dirt Is Good For Your Kids

If you don’t want your kids playing in the mud and make sure they are always perfectly clean, you may not be really doing them a favor, researchers have suggested. A study conducted in the Philippines demonstrated that a substantial dose/exposure to pathogens and germs during infancy could actually be able to reduce cardiovascular inflammation […]

New Trends That Can Make The Parents Life Better

10 New Trends That Can Make The Parents Life Better

Every year something distinctive comes by to get the attention of the parents all over the world. Unexpected but cool, new trends can make the parents’ life better.

5 Tips To Successful Single Parenting

5 Tips To Successful Single Parenting

In today’s world, single parenting has become something that is not unusual. This is not something that should be taken against the single parent, but instead something that should be applauded. Let’s face it, single parenting is not something that is exactly easy to do, but it is just as rewarding as anything else. Single […]