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Hobbies For You And Your Daughter

Hobbies For You And Your Daughter

Do you get bored spending your free time taking your daughter to see a movie or going shopping? If yes, then you should try having a hobby which the two of you can do together. These hobbies can bring the two of you closer and provide both of you the chance to get to know […]

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Having Trouble With Your 14 Year Old Daughter? You’re Not Alone

If you thought that it will all be plain sailing now that your little girl’s past the toddler years, you are wrong. The terrible twos will seem like a walk in the park once your daughter hits her teens with the worst yet to come, according to recent research! A survey has revealed that girls […]

Helping Children Deal With Divorced Parents

Helping Children Deal With Divorced Parents

Divorce is a problem that affects the whole family. Once a man and a woman decide to go their separate ways, the family is in great danger of falling apart. However, bear in mind that having divorced parents is not the end of the world. There may be changes but you can still live the […]

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Violent Video Games – Parental Or Government Regulation Required?

It is an ongoing question, whether it should be parents or the government that should regulate the kind of video games that kids buy and play. Now the recently passed Californian law that bans sale of violent video games to minors and imposes fines for violators is attracting controversy and raising the following points: Jeffrey […]

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R Rated Movie Could Encourage Underage Drinking, Says Study

According to a recent study, those children who watch R rated movies are more likely to start drinking early in life than those who are not allowed to watch them. Around 3600 children from middle school were questioned, which led to the following conclusions: Among the kids whose parents never permitted them to view R […]

Reasons To Home School Your Child - Part 2

Reasons To Home School Your Child – Part 2

We covered the top reasons for home schooling such as personalized attention, tailoring a program for a child, safety and security issues, the fact that a parent has control over the process and the joy of educating your own child[child education]. Continuing our list of the top reasons to home school a child, here are […]

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Sex Education Isn’t Corrupting – It Has Its Benefits

As the brouhaha in Canada about the government’s plan to update its sex-education curriculum for elementary students continues, it is important for parents to understand that sex education is not going to corrupt young minds. Parents may be right to be concerned about “corrupting minors with explicit sex,” which is a charge leveled by some, […]

Should I Allow My Child To Join In Co-Curricular Activities?

Should I Allow My Child To Join In Co-Curricular Activities?

Isn’t it that we send our children to school so that they will learn how to read and write? Frankly, school is not just about ABCs and numbers. There are many other things in school which children can enjoy like joining different after school co-curricular activities. Getting into sports, joining school clubs, and many others […]

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Bicycle Helmets Dos And Don’ts

As a responsible parent you should make sure your child is never on their bike without a bicycle helmet. However, keep the following in mind about bike helmets: The helmet should be safe and made according to prescribed norms. If so it will bear the seal of Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), American National Standards […]

Fun Children Activities Your Child Can Benefit From

Fun Children Activities Your Child Can Benefit From

Spending quality time with your children is very important. Even if you’re a busy individual you have to devote some precious moments to bond with your little ones. An excellent way to spend time together is through fun children activities. Kids have loads of energy and they need to be channeled to doing children activities. […]