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carelessness in kids

Combating Carelessness – 4 Tips To Help Your Child Be More Careful

It is a common complaint of parents that my child is careless, has no sense of responsibility, is forever losing or misplacing things and it’s driving me crazy, but natural! It could be that your child is making silly and careless mistakes in school work or that they can never seem to remember where they […]

dna tests

DNA Tests For Kids Future?

Parents now want to be able to predict what their child is best suited for when he or she grows up and DNA tests are used to determine this: the child’s memory power, potential IQ, temperament and even what sort of sport the child will excel in as an adult. The ACTN3 gene, also called […]

parents playing with children

Are You Forgetting To Play With Your Child?

In the hurly burly of bringing up children, and the very onerous responsibilities that go with the job, it is perhaps only expected that many parents tend to forget to play with their child. A recently conducted survey found that a significant proportion of parents have forgotten how to play with their children and an […]

teeth grinding

Why Does My Child Grind Her Teeth At Night?

Some children as young as 10 months up to much older children will often grind or gnash their teeth in their sleep, which can be an awful sound to hear and may also trouble parents as to the underlying cause for this. The actual sleep disorder is known as Bruxism and among most kids, this […]

bird song for children

Bird Song To Alleviate Injection Anxiety

Bird song may help calm children – this one is for every parent who had to drag a reluctant and anxious child to the doctor for their routine inoculations or other medication that is to be administered via injection. The article speaks about a project at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool which took the initiative […]

parenting skills

Better Parenting Equals Better Child Mental Health

According to this article, one in ten children suffers from a diagnosable mental health problem, making this a real problem. This problem can however be positively impacted by teaching parents proper parenting skills and techniques, which is seen to significantly reduce the incidence of mental health problems among children. A pilot project in one of […]

mother and child

Developing The Emotional Intelligence Of Your Child

There are Four Criteria to define Emotional Intelligence (EQ), according to Nana Dawson-Andoh of Bryn Mawr College. They are: Identifying Emotions – This is the ability of the child to recognize how you and those around him are feeling. Using Emotions – This is the child’s ability to generate and express emotions, and then rationalize […]

parents communicating with teen

Understand Your Teen To Better Communicate With Them

Talking with your teenager and getting across your message can be very frustrating, taxing and challenging. This is the period when they are so self-centered and will not listen to anyone except themselves, making guidance and discipline so difficult. You must understand however that this is a stage they are going through and not something […]

hearing loss

Teen Hearing Loss On Rise

It may be alarming for parents to hear, but more teens are suffering hearing loss in recent times than before, according to a new study. It is a new study that implicates personal music devices in this trend which is seeing more and more teens suffering partial deafness. According to the study conducted by Josef […]

sexually active teens

Student Sex Life And Academics Not Connected, Says Study

It has been assumed to a large extent that sexually active teens tend to do less well in school and that being sexually active negatively impacts grades. Recent research presented at the American Sociological Association in Atlanta challenges that assumption. A new study is telling parents that the sex life of kids will not impact […]