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child monitoring

Parents Get Child’s Eye View With New Device

A device that offers a parent unprecedented insight into a child’s life is being used in the Tsukuba area of Japan. You could say this is for a child’s safety or argue that this is needlessly invasive surveillance of a child’s life, but it is a unique child safety device that has been developed by […]

stop your child from smoking

How To Stop Your Teenage Child From Smoking?

A teenage year is one of the most impressionable age in any human being’s life. It’s a fast fast world with time being the scarcest commodity. And teenagers of this fast paced modern era do not have the time or the inclination to pause or ponder. Being teenagers they have the habit of counter questioning […]


Keeping Safe: Tips For Halloween

Trick or Treatin’ time is just around the corner, and parents would do well to be aware of what they can do to keep kids safe at Halloween time – Parents ought to be involved in their children’s trick or treating and it is recommended that parents accompany their kids on their door to door […]

autistic children

Dogs Could Lower Stress For Autistic Children

Recent research has revealed that dogs that are specially trained could help to relieve stress for autistic children. Dogs have hitherto been used to help the blind and other handicapped people, and now they could make a difference for autistic kids as well. Specially trained dogs were seen to help lower stress and problematic behavior […]

teenage girls

Teen Girls Barely Look At The Mirror

In a telling indictment of the way in which self esteem issues besiege young girls, a British survey has revealed that one in 5 teenage girls can barely look at the mirror. In a survey involving one thousand girls aged between 12 and 18 years of age, it was found that as many as 66% […]

junk food

The Simple Reason For Childhood Obesity: Kids Get 40% Of Their Calories From Junk Food

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why kids today are more obese than ever before in the history of human kind – the fact is that out of what kids eat today, 40% of the calories come from junk food. The calories that come from junk food are the most unhealthy kind, […]

tips for cool mom

Can Daughters Feel Threatened By Their Mothers?

Among the many human relationships, the adult daughter – mother relationship needs a fine balance between positive and negative feelings, connection and autonomy. This is one crucial area that leaves most moms and daughters floundering for a solid stable ground. Communication plays a key part in developing trust, confidence and retaining affection between the two. […]

caffeine intake

What Impact Can Caffeine Have On Growth Of Adolescents?

Parents are often cautioned not to give children caffeinated drinks such as coffee, sodas, etc. for the potentially dangerous consequences caffeine intake can have on the health and development of children. However, according to Dr. Laurie Cohen, director of the neuroendocrinology program at Children’s Hospital, Boston, it isn’t caffeine itself that could have a detrimental […]


How Parents Can Help Prevent Bullying And Suicides?

Bullying, teen suicide and harassment of gay teens are ongoing problems that parents can help to prevent by helping to create an environment of tolerance, and discouraging bullying. Consider the following – The language, jokes and even casual comments that a child may be hearing at home. Sometimes parents say things that are unknowingly prejudicial […]

child safety at home

Tips On Child Safety At Home

Children have the propensity to get into situations which we can never dream of. I remember as a child getting into some scary situations like falling from trees and trying to jump off high stools and invariably getting hurt, that needed my parents to rush me to a doctor to get me stitched. We all […]