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gifted child

21 Traits to Look Out for in a Gifted Child!

A ‘gifted’ child is also known as a ‘superkid’, for its extraordinary abilities in any sphere of life, be it academics, performing or visual art, leadership, sports or creativity. Many parents, at first glance, do not know how to distinguish between normal children and their ‘gifted’ child, since gifted children do not necessarily show up […]

tweens makeup

Make up for Tweens? Are They Too Young?

Kids always want to play at being grown up and a number of manufacturers tend to pander to that need in children. Whereas earlier teenage girls would argue with parents to be allowed to wear makeup, it is now tweens (kids aged 8 to 12) who are getting into the whole blush and lip gloss […]

dad playing with kid

Dads Should Play with Kids, Leave Care Giving to Moms

A controversial new study has indicated that the equal sharing of parenting and care giving responsibilities among mothers and fathers may not be such a good idea after all. The study came to the conclusion that if dads were in charge of play and moms in charge of care giving, the couple would be more […]

teen take flight

10 Tips on How to Help Your Teen Take Flight!

Adolescents are young adults. That means they have already taken the initial steps to stride into adulthood and they must already be having numerous insecurities surrounding what they are about to encounter. Here are ten ways how you can help your teen take flight into adulthood: 1. Make gradual changes You have to understand that […]

junk food

WHO Recommends Monitoring of Junk Food Advertizing

It isn’t just childhood obesity but also risk of certain lifestyle related diseases later in life that are influenced by food choices made early on in life. For this reason the World Health Organization has drawn attention to marketing of unhealthy food that is high in sugar, fat and salt that influences the eating habits […]

playing with kids

The Power of Play – Helping Kids Play More

Play helps kids learn, become more creative, able, independent and confident and ready for ‘real’ life in many different ways. Yet today’s children, face the dangers of a ‘Play Deficit’ where modern lifestyle deprives children of free and unstructured, imaginative play. This negatively impacts not just development and growth but also stunts development of social […]


Facebook and the Parent-Teen Relationship

New research has shown something unexpected – as many as two thirds of American teenagers are comfortable enough with their parents to have them as their Facebook friends. According to a survey, 16% of students aged between 16 and 18 years of age reported that having their parents as friends on the social networking site […]

bowel cancer risk

Make Kids Drink Milk – It Could Protect Against Cancer

Here is another reason to tell children to drink up that milk – not just for bone strength and growth, but also because milk drunk in childhood can lower stomach cancer risk. A study recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that the risk of bowel cancer was as much as 30% lower […]

generation gap

5 Tips to Bridge the Generation Gap Between Parents and Children!

Generation means all human beings born & living around the same time; also known as coevals. And when there is a significant gap of time among two coevals, it is defined as ‘generation gap’. When we compare two generations and when there is a considerable difference in the lifestyles, habits likes and dislikes of the […]

travolta family

A New Beginning for Parents John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Less than two months ago, Benjamin Travolta was born to Hollywood celebrity couple Kelly Preston and John Travolta who have called their new born baby “nothing less than a miracle” and a “new beginning” for their entire family. About two years ago, the couple lost their 16 year old son Jett in a devastating and […]