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Puberty Chat With Your Daughter

5 Reasons to Have the ‘Puberty Chat’ With Your Daughter Sooner than Later

It is something that most parents are not going to relish – having that puberty chat with their daughter – however this is something that needs doing earlier rather than later, for a number of very important reasons. 1. Due to better nutrition and many other factors girls are attaining puberty earlier than ever before, […]

child smoking

Child Smoking – Stop Your Kid from Taking the Lure

Is your child smoking? Actually there are many things that children will be exposed to during their entire course of life that you never expect your child to get involved in. One of such quite obvious thing is smoking. It has been estimated that almost 5000 kids every day try their first cigarette and almost […]

Road Rage

Road Rage – An Inheritable Condition?

Road rage is defined as angry or aggressive conduct by a driver of a car or other vehicle and this is something that a parent could, unknowingly or negligently be passing on to their child. Consider the fact that road rage can lead to quarrels, accidents, crashes, injury and even deaths, and consider if this […]

Travel Sickness in children

Tips for Dealing with Travel Sickness

Car sickness, much like motion sickness can bring about feelings of uneasiness, nausea, and vomiting in children. Mostly, car sickness is noted in toddlers and preschool age children. The movement of the car along with petrol odors, and food the child may have eaten contribute to this. 1. Make sure that the child is not […]

dealing with sibling rivalry

Tips for Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

Do your children seem to constantly fight and fuss with each other? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. Sibling rivalry is quite common and often unpleasant sight in many homes. After all, your children didn’t have any option to choose each other as brothers or sisters. So, it is quite common for them to fight with […]

depression in teens

Depression in Teens – How to Deal with?

Do you feel that your teen is in depression? At times, it is quite common for your adolescent to feel depressed or feel unhappy. But, if it lasts for more than a couple of weeks, it can be a warning sign for you. Depression in teens is not just bad mood and occasional down; in […]

cereal box package

Cereal Box Scare – Not a Problem in the United States

One of the news items causing a stir with parents is the recycled cardboard boxes that are used by certain cereal manufacturers as packaging in Europe – the boxes were found to have high levels of mineral oils or petroleum hydrocarbons which were found to contaminate the cereal even through the plastic layer. It is […]

online guardian

New Software Offers Parents More Online Control

The online activity of kids will now be easier to track and control for parents, with the new software called Online Guardian for Parents. The software offers the following benefits. It can help parents monitor what kids do on social networking sites. The Facebook app can let parents monitor wall posts, videos and photos, and […]

nature deficit disorder

All About Nature Deficit Disorder

There is a theory as propounded by author Richard Louv in his book named Last Child in the Woods. As per this theory, today’s society has developed a Nature Deficit Disorder which is a societal disconnect with nature that is affecting today’s children. It is the plugged in culture of today that keeps us and […]

children studying

Crafting Talented Studiers – 5 Things You Can Do For Your Children

The need for your child to be an excelling student is now greater than it has ever been before. The bar for good grades continues to rise. Entry into colleges is becoming more and more contested. It’s not a good time to be left behind. Unfortunately, the idea of studying does not sit well with […]