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Growing the Siblings

Tips to Help Siblings to Get Along

It is quite natural for siblings to quarrel or argue for simple things once in a while. But if sibling rivalry or sibling fights are common episodes with your children, it can be quite annoying issue for you. So, if you really want to create more peaceful household, follow these simple tips. More often siblings […]

school bullying

6 Tips to Handle School Bullying in Children

Do you suspect that your child is being bullied at school? School bullying continues to be a problem for your child when schools don’t train properly to alleviate bullying. When you identify school bullying problem in your child, the worst thing you can do is ignoring it. If you ignore school bullying problem in your […]

Toddlers Anger

Dealing With Toddler’s Anger

No matter whatever may be the reason, at some point or other, it is quite common for every toddler to kick or hit his mother. This kind of aggression is quite normal for toddlers and can be controlled with few simple measures. Identify the triggers Triggers for anger in toddlers can be anything including hunger, […]

preschool activities for toddlers

Ideas for Fun Filled Preschool Activities for Toddlers

Games and activities are just more than fun for little kids, particularly for preschoolers. Certain preschool activities really help with learning ability and physical development in toddlers. You can find various preschool activities online or take suggestions and tips from teachers and baby sitters regarding creative and interesting activities that you can teach to your […]

Discipline in Children

5 Tips to Improve Positive Discipline In Children

While discipline is a positive virtue in any person’s life, when it comes to using the word for children it has prerogative connotations of punishment, withholding of privileges, physical chastisement and so on. However using positive discipline, which identifies boundaries and helps children control and modify their own behavior, can be valuable for parents as […]

Picky Eater

Are You Worried With Picky Eating Habit Of Your Child?

If it seems like your child eats nothing other than sandwiches or peanut butter, you are not alone. It has been estimated that almost 40% of kids aged less than 6 years are picky eaters. Although it can be quite frustrating for you, but in fact it is normal developmental stage of a child. So, […]

Parental Spying

GPS Tracking for your Child? Good Idea or Over-Parenting?

A GPS (Global Positioning System) device is one that uses satellites to track, in real time, the position of any object, vehicle, person or animal. Today, parents are using GPS devices to keep track of their children and their whereabouts at any given time. There are obviously two sides to this coin – while parents […]

raising a happy child

6 Useful Tips on Raising a Happy Child

Who doesn’t want his child to be happy? Though it may look like admirable and common goal of every parent, it can be quite challenging to raise a happy child. Every parent has his own way of providing happiness to his children and raising a happy child. Some of us might try to grasp the […]

Parenting Class

Parenting Classes? What Can They Teach?

While most of us would be right in presuming that parenting can and should come naturally to a person, sometimes a little help here and a bit of guidance there could make all the difference. Learning tips for positive parenting, whether it is from a book, a class, or an online course could teach one […]

Facebook Depression

The Connection Between Facebook and Teen Depression

Parents of teens are well aware of the dangers that lurk online, which can compromise safety or kids owing to potential predators and the problems that can arise out of theft of personal information and identity. In particularly social networking sites and chat rooms present such problems. Another potential problem that parents have to contend […]