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Kids and Facebook

Alarming Statistics about Kids and Facebook

Social networking sites and potential problems that prey on children such as online predators, identity thieves etc are obviously a cause for concern for parents. However in spite of the many dangers that lurk online, it has been seen that parents fail to provide proper supervision for their kids on Facebook and other social networking […]

Parent Teacher Relationship

The Importance of Good Parent-Teacher Communication

The large part of a child’s time is divided between home and school, and interactions between family and teachers. It only makes sense that the channels of communication between these two basic segments of a child’s life be kept open. A good understanding between the parents and a child’s teachers can help foster a better […]

Gratitude in children

How to Cultivate Gratitude in Children?

Cultivating gratitude and teaching children to be thankful is most important aspect to have long lasting effect for a child and certainly have greater impact on preserving a positive attitude on life. Teaching gratitude to children Teaching gratitude to your child can be beneficial in many ways. It can help your child to cope up […]

Teen Partying Hazards

Teen Partying Hazards and Parental Responsibility

It has been seen to be something of a global phenomenon – teens at wild parties, binge drinking and indulging in excessive and even dangerous behaviors, often with tragic consequences. It isn’t just the dangers that drunk driving can pose, the relative immaturity of teenagers do not allow them to understand the very grim consequences […]

Gender Neutral Parenting

What is Gender Neutral Parenting?

The New York Times Parenting blog recently spoke about Gender Neutral Parenting and about how much it is possible to determine or influence the identity of a child by varying parental tactics. So what really is Gender Neutral Parenting? The idea behind this kind of parenting is to steer away from the male and female […]

Relation with Children

Maintaining Healthy Relationship With Children

Raising children is one of the toughest challenges that many of you parents would take. It is certainly not easy to raise children while maintaining healthy relationship. What exactly does healthy relationship mean? Every one has their own definition for healthy relationship with children. But in general, it is more about how comfortable your child […]

Teaching a Child to Listen

Teaching a Child to Listen – And not just ‘Hear’

It is a frustrating experience that every parent is likely to have had – a parent speaks, but the child seems to have ‘zoned out’; a parent gives instructions but the child seems oblivious; a parent may even issue a reprimand, but it seems to roll over the child like water off a duck’s back. […]

Child Fears

Dealing With Irrational Fears in Children

As a natural part of child development, it is quite common for children to develop irrational fears. But, when it becomes persistent in your child’s routine, it can be a reason of concern for you. Reasons for irrational fears in children More often toddler has fears of separation, animals, insects, noises and also of bathing, […]

Single Parent

11 Tips to Cope with the Stress of Single Parenting

There are so many stresses that a single parent has to contend with – firstly there may be the fact that a divorce or a bereavement of losing a spouse has to be dealt with and come to terms with; then there is the fact that a single parent has to balance home, and work. […]

Optimistic Child

Raising an Optimistic Child

Optimism is all about an art of always seeing a half glass full instead of half empty, which is nothing but finding something positive in even most ridiculous situations in life. This is very important aspect that every parent must teach their children that helps to achieve success in life. So, sow seeds of optimism […]