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Selective Mutism

What is Selective Mutism and How Worried Should Parents Be?

Selective mutism is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by an inability to speak in some circumstances or to certain people. Selective mutism is most often seen in children; particularly those who are painfully shy and demonstrate significant social anxiety. Children with selective mutism do not lack language skills and given the requisite degree of […]

How To Discipline a Child

How to Discipline a Child – Some Effective Tips

A well-behaved child is not just in the interest of the parent; having boundaries also makes for a better adjusted child and one who is more at ease in social situations. And one of the greatest challenges for a parent is how to discipline a child in order that you have a happy, well adjusted […]

Separation Anxiety

Causes and Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Older Children

We have spoken of separation anxiety before, as being a common developmental phase and one that is particularly common among toddlers. Though most kids outgrow the separation anxiety phase of their life by the time they are past their third birthday, this is also a problem among older children at times, though the underlying reasons […]

Activities for Toddlers

Fun and Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

In our overly artificial worlds, there is little contact that our children have with the outdoors, for many reasons including safety concerns that parents may have for their children.  Outdoor activities for toddlers are very important for their health and development. Not only do outdoor activities for toddlers let them explore and satisfy their curiosity, […]

Separated Dads

Coping Tips for Separated Dads

Parents undergoing relationship difficulties probably know what their conflict is doing to their children; one of the reasons why the decision to separate either temporarily or permanently may be taken – because it is in the interests of all concerned. However this doesn’t mean that it will all be hunky-dory for the separated parent who […]

Teaching Your Kids About Money

Teaching Your Kids About Money – Some Important Tips

It is in the interests of both the kids as well as the parents that children understand how money works, where it comes from and how to handle budgets, so teaching your kids about money is crucial for all parents. Suze Orman, a financial planner and columnist with Yahoo Finance recommends the following 5 good […]

Grown Up Toys for Kids

The Problem with Grown Up Toys for Kids

It is a regular lament of parents today, that their children seem to be growing up before their time, and that the years of innocence are no longer what they used to be. The sort of images that the media is constantly throwing at growing children, the sort of toys that kids today play with, […]

Becoming a Foster Parent

Becoming a Foster Parent – What You Need to Know

One of the things that could occur to one about foster care is, how is becoming a foster parent different from adoption. Whereas adoption is a permanent situation where all the responsibilities and decisions relating to a child are taken by the adoptive parent(s), foster care is a more temporary situation that can be seen […]