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Sympathy to Child

How Much Sympathy Is Too Much Sympathy?

There is the no nonsense let-them-tough-it-out view that says that too much sympathy is not a good idea. Then there is the other view, the kiss-it-better view, which says that a parent should always sympathize with their children to make them feel better. The right reaction to a child’s distress should probably fall somewhere in […]

Exam Stress

Exam Stress? How to Help Your Child Cope

Exams bring stress – the pressure to perform, the bearing that performance has on future life and employment prospects, pressures from teachers and so on can all contribute to exam stress. Parents can however help their child overcome and deal with the stress that exams can bring. Look out for signs of stress If a […]

First Aid with Childhood Injuries

First Aid – Dealing with Minor Childhood Injuries

Any parent would want that no harm should ever come to their child but this is not possible and children will fall and trip and get cuts and bumps and will cause worry for their hapless parents. As you and I grew up with scraped knees and bruises in unlikely places, minor injuries are a […]

Childs Epilepsy

Living with Epilepsy – What Parents Need to Know

The first time that a child has an epileptic seizure can be terrifying for an adult and living with and caring for a child who has epilepsy may be no less challenging. There can be a range of emotions to contend with and equally there may be practical problems that a parent will have to […]

Good Touch and Bad Touch

How and When to Tell Children About Good Touch and Bad Touch

The possibility of their child being subject to any kind or any degree of sexual abuse has to be one of the worst nightmares for a parent and any responsible parent wants to do all that they can to make sure that their child never undergoes anything to damaging and detrimental ever in their lives. […]

5-a-day Scheme

What Is the 5-a-day Scheme? How Can it Benefit Children?

Currently in England, the 5-a-day School Scheme is attracting considerable amount of attention and comment as a great way to get kids to eat their fruit and veg on a daily basis. We all know that fruit and vegetables are very important to eat because they are great sources of nutrition. Research has shown us […]

Child to Lose Control

Why It Is in No One’s Interest for Your Child to Lose Control

The archetypal badly behaved child who throws a tantrum each time he doesn’t get his way, or who displays her displeasure with things by acting out in different ways, may not be just the perceived willful offender that we see at first glance. Though bad behavior from kids is undoubtedly hard on the parents, it […]

Websites for Kids

Child Friendly and Educational Websites for Kids

It is a reality today that kids are proficient with a computer mouse before they can string together a coherent sentence. They are web familiar, tech savvy and clued into gadgets in the way that many adults can never hope to be. Take for example the fact that your 7 year old probably has the […]