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What Is Dyslexia? What Symptoms Should Parents Watch Out For? Part 2

It is important to remember that all dyslexic children don’t show all of the symptoms described; that they may in fact display only some of the characteristics and that these symptoms can vary greatly and can be very inconsistent. Motor skills, reading and writing A child with dyslexia could have a very different way of […]

Yelling at Kids

Yelling at Kids – The Good, Bad and Ugly

It is difficult to find a parent who did not, at some point of time yell at their kid. It is a common complaint of the parent – They won’t listen until I raise my voice. So well, yelling at kids is really not a rare phenomenon. With kids throwing tantrums, whining, demanding, and generally […]


What Is Dyslexia? What Symptoms Should Parents Watch Out For? Part 1

An estimated 5 to 10 % of the population could suffer from some form of dyslexia and to some extent it is thought. The idea of dyslexia in their child can be confusing and dismaying for parents however parents can take comfort from the fact that dyslexia is not an intellectual disability and is not […]

Child a Bully

Is Your Child a Bully? Dealing with Your Own Bully

It can be tough for a parent to deal with a situation where their child is being picked on. But what about if it is your child who is doing the picking on; what if it is your child who is the bully? Well you should worry. Studies have shown that children who indulge in […]


What Is Albinism and How Can It Affect Kids?

Albinism is a congenital disorder that is characterized by either a complete or partial lack of pigmentation (melanin) of the skin and the hair so that the child appears to have very light skin and white or very fair hair. In some cases, albinism may affect only the eyes, and it can happen in people […]

Shopping with Kids

Going Shopping with Kids? Six Tips to Keep Your Sanity

While many children enjoy the idea of any outing at all, including shopping expeditions, others look upon shopping as an uninteresting chore and not something enjoyable. Also many children get tired, fussy and cranky on the longer shopping expeditions so here are some tips that will help you keep your sanity when you’re out shopping […]

Organized Parent

10 Tips to Be More Organized As a Parent

An organized parent is a parent who is less stressed and who generally has a better handle on all of the million and one things that need doing under the umbrella term ‘parenting’. 1. Fix Age appropriate responsibilities – This helps out with the chores around the house and also helps a child learn responsibility. […]

Childs Growing Pains

Growing Pains – What Are They? Are They Real?

Many of us tend to think of the term ‘Growing Pains’ only in metaphorical terms, however these are actual aches and pains that many children to experience as part of their growing up years. Children typically experience growth spurts when their physical development is seen to be visibly accelerated, and it is during these times […]

How Many Children

One, Two or More? How Many Children Are Ideal?

Some of us like the fact that one child is the focus of our attention, financial and other resources as well as our time as a parent. Others enjoy the fact that they have a home full of kids along with the noise and the mess and madness that they entail. Reasons why families are […]