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Independent Kid Parenting

The Independent Kid and the Parenting Challenge

All parents dream of the perfect kid able to handle any situation, always being good, careful with his things and always proactive about the educational stuff you expose him to. But are we sure we know how to handle the dream kid we want? Usually such a dream kid fits the profile of the independent […]

Kids to Eat Healthy

Some Pointers for Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

What is it about chips, pizzas and burgers that seems to draw kids like magnets and what is it about broccoli and celery that seems to repel them? This is something that most parents complain about: kids seem perfectly willing to eat artery clogging, nutritionally useless things but baulk at anything remotely healthy. Here are […]

Violent Behavior in Autistic Children

Dealing with Violent Behavior in Autistic Children

Autism is a genetic neurological disease affecting the cognitive and social development of the kids and sadly in the current society this health issue becomes more and more present. The gravity of the condition can vary from mild focusing issues to severe behavioral problems and unfortunately so far a cure is far from being discovered. […]

Stay at Home Mom

Stay at Home Mom? Tips to Keep Your Sanity

It’s not that we are ignoring stay at home dads, but the fact is that the number of stay at home mom’s far outstrips stay at home dads. In any case this post is aimed at all those stay at home parents who feel that, challenging and rewarding as their parenting job is, it is […]

Teenager Criminals

Your Teenager and the Temptation of the Criminal World

The temptation of something out of the box and even more the attraction the rebel conduct has on the minds of the young adults is something every parent has to deal with. From doing simple mischief acts to entering a dangerous entourage the line is very thin for kids and this is why all parents […]

Lisping Child

What to Do About Your Lisping Child

A lisp is the most common speech impediment seen in children as well as adults. It is basically the inability to pronounce certain sounds, particularly the letters ‘s’ and ‘z’. There are also other types of lisps and all of them result in the child’s speech being unclear. Reasons for lisping Young children often lisp […]

Online Preschool

What Is Online Preschool?

For any number of reasons the idea of homeschooling can appeal to parents – for logistical reasons, it may be difficult for a child to be dropped to and picked up from school. Parents could have religious or other convictions that convince them that home schooling is a better option than any other. Many reasons […]

Sykes Cottages

Family Trip: Winter Holidays in the UK

Many families will jet off to warmer climes this winter, visiting exotic destinations such as Australia, Thailand and South Africa. Others, however, will choose to head to equally or even colder places. Families which decide to travel to the UK will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a winter holiday destination with […]

Importance of Not Wasting

Teaching Children the Importance of Not Wasting

Waste not, Want not said a wise man and not wasting any kind of resource, be it food, water, clothing, time, money or any other is an important concept to teach a child early on in life. This is important not only for family economics but also because of the ecological impact that our consumption […]

Equally Shared Parenting

Equally Shared Parenting – Why It’s a Good Idea for Everyone

Time was that the mother stayed at home and looked after the home and kids, and the father worked outside the home and brought home the bacon, never lifting a finger to change a diaper or do chores around the house. It was proscribed and clearly set out; unambiguous. However we now live in more […]