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Potty Training at Night

Tips for Night Time Potty Training for Boys

Potty training is an important milestone of children’s development. While a child can have no problemsduring the day, when the night comes, it’s an entirely different story. In order to make life easier for the parents, there are some tips for night time potty training for boys. Offer an Alternative It might be a good idea to offer the child to choose […]

Less Stressed Parent

Become a Less Stressed Parent

When it comes to being a parent, there is never a perfect way to do things and we all feel from time to time as if we don’t have a clue what we’re doing. After all, children don’t come with an easy one-size-fits all instruction manual! However, one thing you can do to ensure that […]

Tips for Communicating with Children

Tips for Communicating with Children

In many cases parents feel like they need tips for communicating with children. Usually communication starts with listening to children. You should let them start talking. Then just listen to them and observe the way they express their thoughts and feelings. Expressions Knowing the expressions of your child will really help you understand him or her […]

wonderland for winter

Planning a Wonderland for Winter – Candles Bring Magic Home

Candle making can be a fun-filled and rewarding activity for the kids. They can extend their creativity and it assists them in overall development of their mental abilities. They can customize candles according to their needs by choosing different colours, shapes and scents. The art of candle making has become immensely popular in today’s world, […]

child’s first tooth and curl

Personalized Keepsake Boxes from Gift Cookie to Preserve Your Child’s First Tooth and Curl

Although babies grow up in the blink of an eye, the fleeting and precious moments can still be preserved and treasured forever. A great way of doing this is to have keepsake boxes which can mark a special memory of your child’s growth. Similar to a family heirloom, the beautiful first tooth and curl boxes […]

advanced medical process to diagnose fertility problems

One-Stop Fertility MOT – An Advanced Medical Process To Diagnose Fertility Problems

There are wide range of factors that commonly affect the fertility of both men and women. Even if you are not planning to have a baby right now, there may be some fertility concerns that will affect your fertility health in the future. To overcome these fertility issues, many different screening tests are available in […]

Things You Can do to Prevent Child Abuse

Things You Can do to Prevent Child Abuse

Child abuse is more common than the majority of people might think. This is why you might want to consider the things you can do to prevent child abuse. While some might say that there is nothing they can do, the truth is that all actions count. Volunteering You might want to start a group with other parents in your […]

How Effective is Propolis in Treating Mouth Ulcer

How Effective is Propolis in Treating Mouth Ulcer?

Generally the skin of a newly born baby is delicate and they are born with a wrinkly skin that peels off after a week. The fragrances, dyes, detergents and other baby products available in the market may cause irritation and rashes on the skin. To deal with such sensitive skin, parents must take utmost care […]

E cigarette

E-cigarette – An Alternative to Smoking For Women During Pregnancy

In the current fashionable and fast paced world, both men and women are getting addicted to wide range of unusual habits, of which smoking is the most prevalent unhealthy habit. Irrespective of the age, Nicotine smoking has adverse affects on both men and women. Large numbers of women who smoke regularly become victims of various […]