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ways to handle your siblings hating each other

7 Ways to Handle your Siblings Hating Each Other

It is a fact and very natural for siblings to fight with one another, quarrel with one another and argue every now and then. But the situation where they truly hate each other can be tricky to deal with for the parents.  But sibling hatred must not be encouraged or tolerated and parents must make […]

ways to encourage your child to go to school

7 Ways to Encourage your Child to go to School

It’s obvious for most kids to not want to go to school or show disinterest in going to school, especially in the first few years of schooling.  There could be many reasons for this like the fact they are being bullied at school or they feel under confident about interacting with teachers and other students. […]

ways to deal with a sensitive child

8 Effective Ways to Deal with a Sensitive Child

Sensitive children may be extremely difficult to deal with but are not completely hopeless and can be dealt with through some honest efforts.  Sensitive children tend to become emotional easily and may become cranky every now and then. To deal with such a situation, you need to be patient and very forgiving.  The following are […]

ways to make a child self-feed

Top ways to Make a Child Self-Feed

Out of the many challenges that parenthood brings, one is to teach a child how to self-feed.  Inculcating the habit of self-feeding from an early age is not only good for the child but also for you as when the child eats on his own, you can sit back and enjoy your own meal at […]

ways to develop social skills in children

6 Ways to Develop Social Skills in Children

Developing social skills in children is a preparation for a healthy and socially friendly future.  Social skills are not just important for the phase of childhood but also for the adult years and the best time to inculcate them is in the childhood. Some common social skills are respecting elders, expressing personal needs, communicating effectively […]