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working parents

Working Parents: What Employers Can do to Help

Working parents face a lot of hardships juggling their work, the office meetings, deadlines and then the deadlines and schedules of their children. Handling all these things on their own can hamper the productivity of even the most talented employees. There is thus a need for some effort on the part of the employers worldwide […]

financial advice and tips for single parents

Financial Advice and Tips for Single Parents

For single parents, raising their children into responsible and qualified individuals can be a daunting task, one which is full of responsibility and pressure. Not only from the point of view of finances but also from the point of view of the emotional journey, the ride for single parents is tough. Financial backing and proper […]

potty training mistakes to avoid

5 Common Potty Training Mistakes to Avoid

There comes a time in raising each baby when the parents have to let him experience potty training.  This time is difficult for both the baby as well as for the parents.  Not only can it be a long and drawn out horror story but can also throw a few surprises at you.  But if […]

nintendo 3D games for kids

Nintendo 3D Games for Kids

While you might spend all year trying to get your kids to stop playing computer games, when it comes to Christmas you’re allowed to break the rules. Games can be educational as well as a lot of fun, not to mention giving you a spare half hour to get the turkey in the oven. The […]

tips to plan your child’s education

Useful Tips to Plan your Child’s Education

All parents dream of making their child a very well educated individual and wish to give him the best education possible. As soon as a female conceives, the couple starts planning the future career of their child and also starts planning on the various points about the child’s education.  It is better to have a […]

biggest and worst myths about adoption

The Biggest and Worst Myths about Adoption

We hear a lot about adoption, be it at a party or during a conversation at home. Adoption is often brought up on TV, radio and many other channels. But what we mostly hear about adoption is often not the real or the complete truth. There are many myths associated with adoption and these are […]