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dolphin paradise wild friends

Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends

Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends designed by Happy Giant, is free 3D Pet Simulation App, through which anyone can turn their devices into virtual lagoons. The app is on Google Play and iTunes, and can be played on both iPads and iPhones, and Android Devices.. Dolphin Paradise is a high-resolution gaming app wherein users can create […]

ear infection in your child

7 Ways to Avoid Ear Infection in Your Child

Ear Infections is a very common illness in infants and kids after colds, which can cause serious health issues, if left unattended. An ear infection occurs when the middle ear gets inflamed, is caused by bacteria and eventually the fluid accumulates behind the eardrum. You will understand your child is having ear infection if he […]

deal with your child getting bullied

How to Deal with your Child Getting Bullied

Most children and teenagers face bullying of some form in their school life at some point. Bullying is deliberately tormenting in verbal, physical or emotional  ways, ranging from teasing, name calling and hitting to taunting and cyberbullying. When your child is facing any kind of bullying, your first natural reaction as a parent is to […]

infant car seat

Tips to Buy the Best Infant Car Seat

Installing an infant car seat is an indispensable thing to do even before your baby is born, as you have to take the baby home in a vehicle, with a baby car seat securely fixed in the car. As children are more prone to be injured in crashes or accidents, attaching an infant car seat […]

building a rapport with your adopted older child

Building A Rapport with your Adopted Older Child: How Communication Helps

It is normal for your adopted child to feel reserved when they come to an entirely different culture and environment. The food, language, clothes, discipline, toys, communications may be completely different. They need special guidance at their younger age. While it’s important to keep a note of what they want to say it’s also important […]

what leads to child behavior disorders

What Leads to Child Behavior Disorders?

It is completely normal for your child to be naughty and unruly at times. Kids tend to misbehave no matter how finely you manage your child’s behavior. They act out for a number of reasons that are temporary and nothing to worry about. However, behavior disorders tend to be more serious. These extremely abrupt and […]

tips for working parent on child raising

Tips for Working Parent on Child Raising

In the modern times, it is hard to find parents staying back at home, since both the spouses are working, if not full time then even at least part time. Financially it is undoubtedly a better option with rising cost of daily lives. It is also true, when you become parents; you need the extra […]

how to solve the problem of lying teenagers

How to Solve the Problem of Lying Teenagers

According to a research done amongst teenagers, almost 96% of teenagers tend to lie. If this is the bad news, then the good news is, if your teenage kid is a part of this 96%, it is possible for you to encourage them to give up that habit. It is possible to bring about a […]