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guide your teen to quit smoking

Ways to Guide your Teen to Quit Smoking

Teen smoking is something that has become very common these days and it is important that you stop your teen from smoking right from the beginning (if you come to know about it) to promote a lifelong good health. Often teens start smoking due to various reasons like joining friends in the same act out […]

treat children with anxiety disorders

How to Treat Children with Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorder is a type of mental disorder and is characterized by symptoms like fear, worries and anxiety and that can be in relation to future, past and current events. Racing heart beats and shaking are the physical symptoms of the same. Anxiety, fears and worries are not something that is very uncommon in children. […]

importance of apps for child education

Importance of Apps for Child Education

Kids nowadays know more about new gadgets and their operations than we do. Their inquisitiveness is the chief contributor to their quick learning. When kids always hook on to your computers, iPads, mobiles, etc for playing games and drawings why do not we parents use them for their learning? In the following few points we […]

wrong ways of disciplining kids

Wrong Ways of Disciplining Kids

It is necessary to teach your kids the right and the wrong but are you doing it the right or the wrong way? Often wrong ways of disciplining can lead to serious behavioural problems and attitude troubles later in life. Stubbornness, lying, introvert, timid-ness, are just some consequences of wrong disciplining. Below is the list […]

choose an adoption lawyer

How to Choose an Adoption Lawyer?

The child adoption process can be complicated and no matter, whether you are adopting privately or adopting from an agency, you will be in need of a guide or attorney to help you through the process. There are adoption agencies that coordinate between children who need adoption and parents who are looking to adopt. In […]