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top home buying tips for single parents

Top Home Buying Tips For Single Parents

Buying a house with only one person’s income, when you have the responsibility of a child on you can be tough.  Whether it is single dads or single moms, buying a new home when you have so much else to think about can be a challenging prospect, and one about which you must go slowly […]

what parents can do to let kids deal with TV violence

What Parents can do to Let Kids Deal with TV Violence

There is no denying of the fact that our kids learn what they hear, what they see and what they observe. This is why TV and other forms of Media have a deep impact on them and their thinking.  A lot of shows on TV portray a great deal of violence in the form of […]

tips for making house rules for children that stick

Top Tips for Making House Rules for Children that Stick

If you are a parent then you must know the importance of disciplined and well behaved children. Children who do not follow rules and do whatever and however they wish to turn out to be unruly. In order to ensure proper order and authority at home, all parents must make some house rules. But in […]

teach your girl how to deal with princess syndrome

Teach your Girl How to Deal with Princess Syndrome

Princess syndrome isn’t a technical term and you won’t find its definition in a medical textbook. But this doesn’t mean that this is not a common syndrome or condition. Princess syndrome is a condition in which young girls consider themselves to be living in fairy tales and only focus on the pretty things in life. […]

list of don’ts while speaking to your adopted children

The List of Don’ts While Speaking to your Adopted Children

While talking to adopted children, there are certain things that you should be careful about. Not only because they have come from outside to the family, but also that they need to be given enough of love, care and compassion from the surroundings so that they can start feeling everyone around as their own. Words […]