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differences between disciplining children and abusing children

Know the Differences Between Disciplining Children and Abusing Children

When it comes to disciplining children, there is a very thin line between scolding/discipline and abusing them.  Whether it is parents or teachers both need to understand the exact difference between the two and must not cross the line in any case. The government or laws of many states are very strict against child abuse, […]

building blocks in child development

The Importance of Building Blocks in Child Development

The next time you go to a toy store to buy something for your child, make sure you pick a pack of building blocks. Building blocks are not just fun toys for kids to play with but can also help them in many ways. Building blocks stimulate learning, motor skills and brain development. Such blocks […]

sociopathic traits and behavior among children

Your Child not Obeying Rules ? Sociopathic Traits and Behavior Among Children

A sociopath is someone who disregards rules and laws and intentionally doesn’t follow trends set by the society.  Often, besides adults even children may exhibit symptoms of sociopathic behavior. This trait is also termed as antisocial personality disorder. These days, an increasing number of children and teens showcase sociopathic behavior but parents must aim to […]

tips for selecting activities for autistic kids

Tips for Selecting Activities for Autistic Kids

If your child is autistic then as a parent your responsibility towards him/her increases manifold. From birth till the very late years in his/her life, you will have a big role to play and to ensure that you only work towards his/her improvement. It is you who can act as a bridge between your child […]

yeast infection in children

Symptoms and Cure for Yeast Infection in Children

When babies are born they enter the world with a sterile digestive system which has no bacteria present in it and the immune system is not yet activated. But when they pass through the vaginal canal the process of activation of their immune system begins and they become susceptible to infections.  This is when they […]

tips for single dads to raise daughters

6 Amazing Tips for Single Dads to Raise Daughters

Raising kids to grow up into responsible and well behaved children or adults is a task of great responsibility and hardwork. Parents may often come across many challenges in bringing up kids but when it comes to a single parent raising them, the difficulty level goes many notches up. It is difficult to imagine how […]

reasons to have a second child

Top 5 Reasons to have a Second Child

After the birth of the first child, most parents feel too overwhelmed to consider having a second one. The constant pressure, the change in lifestyle and the increased expenses may motivate most to not bring a sibling for the first baby but there are many reasons why this could be the wrong decision. Having a […]

connecting with your child through art and music

Connecting with your Child through Art and Music

Whether you’re creating a full home-school curriculum or just wish to bond with your kids on a rainy day, arts, crafts, and musical activities are a great way to get involved. Art plays an important role in child development, and can also provide you with a hands-on way to connect with your little one. Here’s […]

ways to keep your sick child engaged

6 Effective Ways to Keep your Sick Child Engaged

It is common for kids and babies to fall sick, get a cold, go down with fever or suffer from an allergy or infection. In most cases, sick kids can become very inactive and dull but it is important to keep them engaged so as to divert their attention from their sickness. The more they […]