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stay at home parent vs. daycare

Stay at Home Parent vs Daycare

When it comes to parenting or looking after the children in their initial few years, most parents face lot of confusion and is unable to decide whether they should quit their jobs and become stay at home parents or opt to work and select a good daycare for their children. Both these options have their […]

tips for potty training your twins

5 Tips for Potty Training your Twins

Raising twins can be both a very fun experience as well as challenging as far as parenting is concerned. They may look alike but their habits, ability to learn things and other things may not be as similar and this is where the real challenge lies. Potty training is already a difficult task for parents, […]

helicopter parenting vs. free range parents

Helicopter Parenting vs. Free Range Parents

Raising children responsibly and into mature adults is something that all parents dream of and try to achieve throughout their lifetime. But parenting is not that easy and comes with several challenges. In order to meet this challenge, several styles of parenting have come up, each with its own sets of benefits and of course […]

know about democratic parenting

Everything you Need to Know About Democratic Parenting

Raising children to become responsible and independent individuals can be very challenging. There are many different approaches to parenting which are based upon different theories and beliefs.  One of the parenting styles is democratic parenting. This is a parenting style which is ambitious and is one in which parents and children participate wholeheartedly in all […]

signs and treatments of acid reflux in infants

Signs and Treatments of Acid Reflux in Infants

Acid reflux is a common problem among infants. GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is a condition which causes the movement of stomach content in an upwards direction. This stomach content includes acid as well and this acid tends to move into the esophagus and sometimes into or out of the mouth. In most of the […]