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how to parent and raise the middle child

How to Parent and Raise the Middle Child

The personality of almost every child largely depends on ‘birth order’ – this is what the expert psychologists say. However it is not always true, in many cases it is found that birth order highlights some of the characteristics they already possess. The middle child is category that comes with their own set of traits. […]

why storytelling is important for kids

Why Storytelling is Important for Kids

Story telling is vital for a child’s development as it helps in building a strong personality in your child. Present day scenario constitutes a media based environment and most of the children and engaged with television shows and mobile applications most of the times. However, a lot of times it is found that parents find […]

pointers to follow while handling child rage

Pointers to Follow While Handling Child Rage

The most important and difficult task for any parent is to manage their child’s behavior during anger or eruptive mood. It is observed that fifty percent of the parents end up losing their control and shout back to their child’s rage. However, comparing your own anger with that of your child’s, is considered improper in […]

way to select an adoption agency

Best Way to Select an Adoption Agency

‘Adoption’ is a perennial process for both parents and children in a family that requires thorough research and networking skills in order to ensure the credibility of the agency chosen. One needs to compulsorily research on the different available options and programs while choosing an adoption agency. It is advised to take a minimum of […]

leadership activities in kids

Leadership Activities in Kids – Importance and How to Teach

Children can be moulded just the way you want as at this tender age it is the easiest to instil virtues and build characters. Being a good leader is undoubtedly, one of the valuable skills irrespective of the age – however everyone does not have the innate leadership qualities. This is the reason why it’s […]