3 Ideas for Reading Activities for Kids

Reading is something that needs to be taught at an early age. This is the best time to teach since the brain is able to absorb much more. The trick is to make the learning fun and interesting so that the children are more likely to want to learn. You need to start looking for reading activities for kids.

There are a number of different options and it will all depend on the age of the children. Older ones will benefit more from independent reading, while younger ones will need groups to help them with concentration. It is worth talking to the teacher to find out how you can help your child learn more.p3

Reading activities for kids – Group reading

This works well with children of all ages. Younger children in the second grade will prefer to be read to and they will pick up on the words.

Instead of doing it yourself, ask an older child to do the reading; this will help them develop their skills while also spending time with a younger sibling. This is a great way to help with a family bond.

The trick to this is allowing the children to choose the book that they want to read. If you pick something, there are chances that they will dislike it or it will be too advanced – or not advanced enough – for them.

Reading independently

This one among reading activities for kids is a great option for older children because they are more likely to sit down and read something. However, there are chances that they will opt for an easy book so you will need to monitor this. Make it fun by setting some limitations to the type of book that can be read – maybe it is something that involves a lot of descriptions.

Afterwards, ask the child about the book. Find out what they liked or did not like about the plot or the characters in there. This will help them enjoy reading more because they get more out of a book – instead of just reading the words on a page.

Splitting the book up

When it comes to reading activities for kids as a group, everyone will read the same book. Instead of you reading or asking one person to read, ask the group to do it together. One person starts and reads a couple of lines; they then call out the name of another person.

This aids stronger and weaker readers. Stronger ones will show off their skills while the weaker ones will gain help from you or a teacher. However, make sure that the children are ready for reading out loud and test their performance levels before hand.

There are many different ways to encourage children to read more. Reading activities for kids are fun – both for the adults and the children. It will keep everyone entertained and makes it easier to teach. You will need to consider the ages of the children before you consider the type of activity you choose.


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