Back To School Activities To Help Your Kids Prepare For A Successful Year

It’s time for school again! There is the anticipation and excitement of going into a new class and seeing all their friends again.

Together with these positive emotions, there may also be the fear and apprehension associated with change and the unknown.

Involving your child in back to school activities is one way to help them be prepared and confident about the new school year.back to school activities

Being organized is an important aspect of feeling as though you are prepared, so one of the first back to school activities might be to sit down with each child and draw up a list of the things that need to be done before the first day of school.

Let them think of things to add to the list and you make suggestions as well. You might be surprised by the things that your kids think are important, and it will give you valuable insight into what is on their minds at this time of the school year.

Back to school activities for your child may also involve allocating the time for them to talk to you about any concerns they may have.

Encourage the child to talk about anything that’s on their mind, listen carefully without being judgmental, acknowledge that their concern is a legitimate one and offer suggestions and advice. [Teaching Children]

This process is as pertinent for a six year old as it is for a sixteen year old. It shows your child that you are deeply interested in them and their thoughts and you are there to support and help them.

You will probably be thinking about things of a more practical nature for returning to school.

As you consider school clothes, school bags, lunch boxes and drink bottles, shoes, sports gear, books, pens, pencils and all the extras, involve your child in the decision making process. This is an important back to school activity, because a child needs to feel ownership of their school supplies.

Guide their choices to suitable selections, but try to leave the final decision to them.

In the final week or so before the big day, regularly start up good conversations about starting school again.

It is a huge step from long summer holidays, with carefree days, to the discipline of heading off to school five days a week, and it is good to help your child make this mental shift.

This simple activity will help your child start school ready to apply themselves with enthusiasm to their school work from the first day.

The final back to school activity will happen the day before school starts. Help your child choose their clothes for the first day and pack their bag so they will be all ready to go.

The first few school days are more hectic in the mornings, until the routine is established again, so preparing the night before is a good idea to prevent the inevitable panic. Remember to allow time for the back to school photos on the first day of school.


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