Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids

Although you might think that it is easy to organize a party for a child, once you begin you might hit the first wall: choosing the theme.

There are a lot of parents looking for birthday party theme ideas for kids. Luckily for you there are numerous theme ideas to choose from and for sure you will find one that you will consider suitable.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids

Diva zebra print

Diva zebra print

Just as you might have thought, the main color theme is pink with zebra prints. There are a lot of items that you can find for this theme including plates, napkins, cups, party favor boxes, invitations, balloons, blowouts, placemats and centerpiece.



Believe it or not, more and more little girls are interested in fashion, and this could be a starting point for the ideas for kids’ birthday party themes. You may be thinking about pink items, purse shaped party favor boxes and headbands with flowers along with stickers.

Tom and Jerry

This is one of the birthday party theme ideas for kids that you simply can’t go wrong with. There are all kinds of items with this theme including plates, napkins, balloons, rings, cone hats, tablecovers, banners, favor boxes and many others.


SpongeBob is one of the favorite characters or children. If you like this party theme idea for kids’ birthday think about string piñata, plates, napkins, blowouts, puzzles, minibubbles, or even temporary tattoos. This is a theme that kids can have a lot of fun with.

Hippie party

The truth about this one of the birthday party theme ideas for kids is that kids have absolutely no idea about the hippie era, but they do like the bright colors, so this is a theme that they might like. Think about cutouts, stickers, blowouts, confetti or hanging cutouts.

Angry Birds

This is one of the hottest kids’ themes for birthday parties. Everybody loves Angry Birds. You can find napkins, blowouts, cups, candles and even party masks with your favorite birds. It might be a good idea for the children to play the game at the party to make things more interesting.

You are supposed to choose the birthday party theme ideas for kids according to the personality of the child and according to the things that he or she likes. This is something to discuss with the child in advance to make sure that you will get it right.


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