5 Cheap Ways to Entertain your Kids in Summer

Summer vacation is the most awaited time of the year for the children as the school bid farewell to them  for almost one or two months. Children are more than happy as they do not have to wake up in the morning, nor they have to complete their routine homework.

On the other hand it is a challenging time for the parents who have to keep their over excited children not only physically busy but also mentally active. Here is a list of five such activities which are sure to entertain children throughout the month and that too without costing you much. The following activities are sure to reinforce the skills that are taught to your kids throughout the year at the schools.

5 Cheap Ways to Entertain your Kids in Summer

Let the Kids help You to Cook

Cooking is always interesting for most of the kids as you hardly allow them to get involved in it in the regular course. So, during the summer holidays if you allow them to help you with cooking, there is nothing more interesting to them. Cooking together with your children helps you to spend time with them and also keeps them engaged in activities. They can use their theoretical knowledge of school in practical life.

Let them make Flip Book

Kids are always fond of the flip book. They always treasure it and so encourage them to make one of them on their own. Just stapling of plain papers or a notebook and a few colour pencils are sufficient to make a creative and innovative flip book.

Help them in Rock Collection

Encourage the children to know more about the nature. They must have learnt few things about nature in schools, allow them to use their knowledge in understanding nature by collecting various kinds of rocks. This is sure to help them to indulge in physical as well as mental activities.

Allow them to Decorate their Own Room

Decorating their own room is surely an event for the kids. Allow them to be at their best. Invite your child to spend some time during vacations to improve the living space where he/she spent most of the day. You may be surprised to see your child’s creativity and that too without spending much.

Explore your Town’s Free Attractions

Help your kids to know about their own town. They must have learnt about the town hall or the museum of the town they live in schools. So it is high time to give them the real feel of their surroundings.

So enjoy with your children and make the most of the lazy days that are ahead. Spent quality time with your kids and strengthen the family bond with the above given educational summer activities.


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