Choosing The Appropriate Stories For Your Child

Children love to listen to stories. They simply can’t resist being read to especially if it is something they are most interested in.

Stories can take them to different places, expose them to various characters, and allow them to experience so many things vicariously.

Choosing the appropriate stories for your child can be very challenging. You simply can’t just pick any book and read it. Here’s how to choose the best stories suitable for your child:story book

1. Know his/her interests

Does your child love to listen to stories about love, adventure, or fantasies? By knowing your child’s interests it will be easier for you to choose the right stories.

You can tell which stories your child loves to listen to based on how frequent he/she asks you to read stories of the same themes.

2. Evaluate the content

There are some stories which may include scenes or language not suitable for your child’s age. Choose one which he/she can easily relate to. As much as possible, the stories must be appropriate for his/her age and understanding.

3. Illustrations matter

Aside from listening to you, your child would also like to see the illustrations on the pages of the story books you are reading. So choose a story with large, realistic, and colorful illustrations.

It is so easy to choose the appropriate stories for your child. Just remember to know his/her interests, evaluate the content of the story, and make sure they have pictures. By doing so, you can make every reading time with your child special.


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