Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids – Tips and Ideas

It makes sense to find easy arts and crafts for kids – these keep kids occupied, enhance creativity and offer the child a sense of satisfaction at actually making something. Then there is the fact that most parents would rather prefer that their child is involved in a sensible activity that has nothing to do with electronic devices!


Easy arts and crafts for kids using CDs and CD cases

Most of us seem to have a lot of unusable scratched CDs lying around. Also there seem to be a lot of empty CD cases that seem to be missing their occupants. You can find good use for them by suggesting these projects to your child:

Use the CD cover to create a photo frame. First, take a thick sheet of paper of an appropriate size (pick a size that is about 3 inches more on each side of the CD case). Now decorate the sheet of paper in any way: create abstract designs, make a solid background and paste cutouts and other designs etc. on it to create easy arts and crafts for kids. Insert photo of choice into the CD case, take a ribbon or string to make a loop to hang the artwork and your photo frame is ready!

Similarly, your child can use old CDs to create an aquarium of various colorful fishes. The CD can be drawn and painted on and then colorful paper can be used to create eyes, fins, tails and so on. Use colorful strings and ribbons to create hanging art with several such fishes.

Easy arts and crafts for kids using scrap paper and tissue

Bits of colored paper can be put to good use by kids. The colored paper can be cut and pasted on to paper or other backgrounds to create a collage, a natural scene or even abstract art. Your child can even be encouraged to make greetings using scrap paper. Even wall art, such as butterflies and beetles can be created using colored paper cutouts.

Paper napkins, toilet roll or tissues are another terrific option for creating easy arts and crafts. You child can make artwork with 3D effects, collages, even a bunch of artificial flowers quite easily using crushed tissue and some color or paint.

Easy arts and crafts for kids using candy sticks

Candy or ice cream sticks can be store bought or they can be collected and recycled after your child has finished their sweet treat. These are very versatile items indeed. Use sticks of the same size to create photo frames, boxes with lids, door hangers (“Don’t Disturb”, “Jane’s Room” and so on) and simple bookmarks. The possibilities are many and simple to implement.

Easy arts and crafts for kids using trash

There is so much junk and waste material around the house that can be used to create easy arts and crafts. Used toilet rolls or kitchen rolls, discarded bubble wrap, cardboard cartons, plastic shopping bags, old rags and so much more can find their way into display items or can be transformed into pen stands, mats, coasters and more!


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