Fun Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids You Can Always Try

It is a known fact that children just love to spend some time outdoors and this is why a lot of parents are looking for fun easy outdoor activities for kids.

Through these activities the children will be able to enjoy the last days of fall before it gets too cold for them to play outside.

fun easy outdoor activities for kids

Big foot relay

For this the children should bring shoe boxes with them. Cut a hole on the lid of the boxes and have the children slid their feet into them. Once they have their ‘shoes’ on, they should start racing.

Batty bowling

The main point of this fun and easy outdoor activity for children is to gather some objects, such as a book, plastic vase, pizza box, tower of cans, a candlestick, milk carton, an oatmeal container or an umbrella stand. Then get volleyballs or tennis balls and try to knock these items over.

Name it ball

Another option for fun easy outdoor activities for kids is this one. For this game there is need for a ball. The children should form a circle and set a theme, such as sweets. A child bounces the ball to another child who has to name something in the given category and bounce the ball to another player.

Frisbee tower

To have this easy and fun kids’ activity, you should get some mini Frisbees and build a tower of them in the yard. All the players should get Frisbees and they have to put a Frisbee on top of the others until someone makes the tower collapse; the other children will be the winners.

Blind walk

The fun easy outdoor activities for kids also include this game. There is need for a kind of obstacle course in the yard. Let the children take a good look at it. Then the children will be blindfolded and they will have to get to the other side of the yard. Keep the score on a board.

Cross step

This is one of the fun easy outdoor activities for kids that you need chalk for. Draw a ten by ten grid on the ground. Each player has to step on a square and then has to move to another square while crossing the square he or she was on before. The last child standing wins.


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