8 Gifting Ideas for Little Ones

It is not easy to buy gifts for kids. Their range of preferences is wide, and they get tired of the gift in just a couple of weeks or so. Try not to gift them a toy that they can break easily or anything small which they might end up swallowing while playing. I remember getting a beaded necklace on my tenth birthday. I had unstrung all the beads, stuffed them up my nostrils and the rest of the chaos is history.

Here are the top 8 gifts that make a child happy:

8 Gifting Ideas for Little Ones

Set of crayons and a colouring book


There’s nothing more peaceful for you in the world than getting your child busy with a set of crayons and a colouring book. The child will love it. But make sure that the walls and floors of your house do not end up as the baby artist’s canvas.

Children’s storybooks

Gift your child with Enid Blyton’s children’s storybooks to make him feel like the happiest kid on earth. Your child will get cheerfully absorbed in the wonderful fairy world of the brilliant author’s characters.

A jigsaw puzzle kit


A puzzle kit can never go outdated. Gift your child a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces and pictures that she will love to get absorbed into on lazy summer afternoons.

A doll’s house


This gift is the cutest that even you, as a parent, will fall in love with. A doll’s house is a miniature house with tiny sofas, chairs, beds, tables and even fairy lights. The house is big enough for the Barbie dolls to fit in. If you have scolded your child and the little one is in a morose mood, then consider this as an ideal gift to make them go giddy with happiness.

A toy doctor’s kit


With regular visits to the doctor’s chamber for checkups, your child will most certainly ask for the weird thing that hangs around the doctor’s neck. Of course, you cannot just buy a stethoscope to satisfy the little one’s whims and fancies. But you can gift them a toy doctor’s kit that is just as exciting to play with. The kit contains toy scissors, toy syringes, a plastic stethoscope and more.

Stuffed toys


The stuffed teddy bear that you gift your child on her fifth birthday will end up being her lifelong friend and playmate. Gift her with a soft, pink teddy bear, the one that comes with a cute hat and a silken bow, that’s not too big for her height. She will take the teddy bear to bed every night and brush its soft fur and take care of it.

A kitten or a puppy

This might sound quirky. But if you are not scared of pets, then gifting your child a small kitten or a puppy will make her go crazy with delight.

A teacher’s kit


Every child dreams of being a teacher as soon as they start attending school. Buy them a play kit with books, markers and other classroom stuff. It is a great way to pass time for kids.


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