Great Toddler Activities For Happy, Healthy Children

Toddlers are wonderfully active, loving, inquisitive, delightful bundles of joy; and that is just before lunch!

By organizing suitable toddler activities for your child, you can help him develop a variety of important skills at this time.

This age between 12 months and 2 ½ years is when individual personalities start to show and the child begins to test his independence, so you can expect to see some exasperation and temper tantrums too.

Toddlers are very active which means that they need adequate nutrition and rest to feed this activity.toddler activities

Establish a routine that allows you to organize your day around your toddler’s activities,so that you make sure he gets enough rest. Toddlers may become very difficult about food, and some parents have discovered that giving five smaller meals a day can ensure that their child receives the best nutrition possible.

There are many opportunities for wonderful toddler activities while being outdoors. The large muscle groups are developing and need lots of exercise, so encourage activities like running, jumping, climbing and hand-eye coordination.

Children love balls and balloons, and any activity with these toys is wonderful for toddlers. Encourage them to kick, throw, catch and bat; give lots of praise for every effort.

Other outdoor activities for toddlers include using climbing frames where they learn courage, balance and coordination; riding push toys and tricycles; sand and water play; and playing with toy garden tools just like Daddy does.

The variety of toys that are suitable activities for toddlers is so vast today, but many children still prefer the household items they find in Mommy’s cupboard.

Toddlers love saucepans and lids, plastic containers, wooden spoons and clothes for dressing up. Do not think that you need to buy all the latest toddler toys on the market; some of the very best toddler activities come from things you find around the home.

A child likes to explore their creativity at this age, and likes nothing better than to paint, draw and paste. Painting is easier on an easel for a small child, and may be less messy for you too! Protect clothing with an old shirt or a paint smock.

Let him play in paint with his hands and feet, making prints on large sheets of paper laid on the ground.

Play dough is one of the all-time favorite toddler activities, and you can even make your own from flour, water and salt that is safe for them to eat! Involve your toddler in baking sometimes – the cookies might look funny, but it will be great fun doing it together.

Introduce music and books to your toddler; you can buy children’s books and CDs or borrow them from your local library. Hand action songs are great toddler activities that they love to do with you.

Toddlers develop favorites they demand to be sung or read repeatedly. Repetition is comforting to young children and helps them feel secure.

With all these wonderful activities for toddlers, do not think that you have to entertain your toddler all day. Children need time to play alone to develop their imagination.

They need to learn to entertain themselves sometimes and to be content in their own company. Resist the urge to interfere in your toddler’s activities if he is playing happily alone – just sit back, watch and enjoy the moment.


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