Best Homemade Art and Craft for Kids

When looking for different activities for children, you could be thinking about homemade art and craft for kids.

The main point is for the children to have something to do and to improve their skills.

The materials that you use shouldn’t be expensive and you should enjoy the activities too.

Homemade Art and Craft for Kids

Let’s hear the drums

In case you are thinking about homemade arts and crafts for kids think about making drums. For these you need a cylindrical oatmeal container, a craft knife, tyvek, duct tapes, markers and some wrapping paper to decorate the drums. The children will enjoy the process and they will have new toys in the end.

Plant pals

As a result of this project you will have plants pots with ‘hair’. You just need some plastic cups, potting soil, grass seeds and decorations. Decorate the cups so that they will have funny faces and wait for the grass to grow for the cups to have hair that you can trim as you like.


When thinking about homemade art and craft for kids, you should make sure that these are easy to do. In case you would like to make a tutu, choose the ones that don’t need any sewing. For this you need a piece of elastic, two rolls of tulle and a satin ribbon. The tulle will be tied to the elastic.


One of the best art and craft ideas for kids at home is to offer the children an easel. You just need two over the door hooks, a rod, some tape and a roll of paper. With a paper like this you won’t have to worry about the child painting on the walls anymore, because he or she will have a perfectly good easel.


Every child likes to make bubbles and so the homemade art and craft for kids should also involve them. All you need are a few drinking straws, some tape, dishwashing liquid and glycerin or light corn syrup. Just tape together the straws and use them to blow bubbles.

Puppet theater

Puppets are a nice idea of kids’ homemade arts and crafts. You only need a pair of dishwashing gloves and some markers. Cut off the fingers of the gloves and decorate them to have a funny face.

There are a lot of ideas for homemade art and craft for kids that you can use so keep an open mind about the matter.


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