How To Develop Your Child’s Interest In Gardening?

Mot of us today have forgotten what a fun and healthy outdoor activity gardening is.

Not only can we spend quality family time together when we step out into the garden, but we can also teach our children the value of growing green things in our own garden, and feel the pleasure that we often get when we watch something that we have planted in the soil grow and flourish.

Believe me; there is no pleasure equal to this, and you can imagine what a sense of achievement your child will get when he watches the plant sprout and then go on to become a huge tree.gardening

Here are some tips for you to get your child interested in gardening:

  • All children like to imitate their parents. When you step out into the garden with your tools, make sure that your children too have their own child sized tools with which they can dig around and learn something in the process. Some garden tools that you can buy for them are: small sized wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, watering can, gloves.
  • If you really have the space, set aside one small bit of garden for your child to play and experiment in. He must get used to being outdoors and also to playing in the dirt, which all children love to do anyway when they are small. This way, you will be able to sustain his interest in gardening till he grows up.
  • You can start off with planting seeds: all children love watching the plant emerge form the seed. One of the best seeds you can buy for a child is sunflower. These grow fast and do not need too much maintenance.
  • You could alternatively make your child plant plants that attract butterflies. This can become a learning experience for him.
  • If you find that your child is losing interest, do not force him into gardening. He will then develop an aversion for it. Instead, gradually and subtly, try to rekindle his interest. You could point out the new flower that has bloomed in the garden, or the new variety of butterfly that has arrived.
  • If your child is older, you could think of paying him a small wage every time he does something in the garden.

Keep trying; you are doing something that your child will thank you for later in his life.


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