Ideas for Language Activities for Preschoolers

As a child is developing, you will need to do everything you can to encourage the learning process. Preschool aged children are most likely to learn large amounts in a shorter space of time, so it means sense to look out for language activities for preschoolers. Here are just some ideas that are available.

Language activities for preschoolers – Talk to them a lot

The best thing that you can do is talk to your toddler a lot. This will help them hear the words and they are more than likely going to repeat it. Make it fun so do it while you are playing. They are more likely to learn while they are happy and playtime is a fun time for them.

You should also talk while you are dressing and feeding your baby. Talk whenever you get a chance so that they get the chance to mimic. You will be surprised by the words that they pick up so be careful about what you say around them – the last thing you want is them to pick up naughty words from you.

Repeat words

The baby is not going to pick up a word because you have said it once. You will need to repeat the words regularly and within each sentence. If you are trying to teach the word “mama” or “dada” then you will need to use it constantly. Phrases like “Can you say mama?” and “Where’s mama? Here’s mama!” will help your child develop and mimic.

As the child gets older, develop the phrases so that they are longer. Instead of just asking whether you child wants some juice, focus on the type of juice you are offering, whether it is apple or orange.


Reading to your child, among other language activities for preschoolers, is a great way to encourage speaking. You do not need to read what is on the page of the book; spend some time talking about the pictures. Choose books with little detail and characters or shapes that stand out. You can then point to different objects and encourage your toddler to copy the words that you say and name the object.

You can make your own baby picture book too by making a scrapbook of favorites. This is also a great way to help with the development as your child gets older – grouping the different items into set categories will help with links between the two.

Sing songs

There is a reason why you still remember nursery rhymes; having fun and making up rhymes is a great way to teach your child about words. The tunes will stick in their heads and the words have more meaning. Over time, the child will memorize and sing the words back and then learn what each one means.

This is something that many children continue to do through their life, and even adults will do it. This one among language activities for preschoolers is used to help with spelling or just remember the general tasks for the day.



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