Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Although technology offers us great tools to teach children, in some cases these tools aren’t used efficiently, and so we can see the negative effects of video games on children. The truth is that these games are fun and they can entertain the children for hours, but they are known to have negative impacts also.

Negative Effects of Video Games on Children


There are a lot of video games, especially for boys, which are based on violent acts, through verbal abuse, weapons of fighting. The minds of the young boys are modeled by what they see in these games and they might believe that fighting and weapons are a normal part of the society that they live in.

In order to make sure that you won’t see the bad effects of children’s video games, you should offer parental guidance and you should also control the video games that your child is playing. Help the child make the distinction between the world of the video game and the real world.

Inappropriate behavior

This one of the negative effects of video games on children often goes hand in hand with the violence seen in the video games. These games can be infested with different kinds of inappropriate behavior. In many cases, the games feature the characters based on real life celebrities.

Because of the storyline of these games, the video games’ bad effects on children involve disrespecting women and boys may think that it is acceptable in society as well because that is what they see in the games. This is why the children have to learn the difference between the real world and the world of the game.

Wasting time

Not in all cases can you see the negative effects of video games on children. Some of the games teach children, but others just make them waste time. In childhood, children have to learn social skills and communication skills, but instead these skills get locked down because they spend most of their time alone, playing games.

Another one of the negative effects that video games have on children is that they promote idleness, leading to obesity. Since this is a problem that millions of children are faced with, the parents should set a limit on how much time a child can spend playing video games.

In order to avoid the negative effects of video games on children, the parents have to set rules and they shouldn’t make any exceptions.


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