Party Ideas for Teenagers

Usually teens know very well what they want so it may be difficult to find the right party ideas for teenagers. Nonetheless, if you have the right setting and the right people, the right games will set the mood and luckily, there are a lot of games for teens to play.

“I never”

For this game all participants should receive 20 candies. Then one of the teenagers says something that he or she did before in the form ‘I have never…’. The people who did that thing before as well should eat one candy. The winner is who eats the candies first.

Donut Eating

If you like this one of the party tips for teenagers, you will need pairs of teens, donuts, a string and a lot of place. Secure the string to two trees and pull it through the donut. The main point is for the teens to eat the donut without using their hands. If it falls on the ground, the team is eliminated.

Musical Chairs

When it comes to the party ideas for teenagers you might think that this is a boring game. However, you can choose trendy songs that teens like and come up with a new rule: all the people who have their feet off the ground are safe. This will determine teens to sit in each other’s laps.

Baby, do you love me?

For this one of the teenagers’ tips for parties there is need for someone to be ‘it’. It selects another person who has to sit in his lap and say ‘Baby, do you love me?’ The answer should be affirmative, but the other person has to add that they just can’t smile. However, if they do smile, they will be it.

Lap Chain

If you like the flirty games, think of this one of the party ideas for teenagers. Teens should stand in a circle and be faced towards their right. The teens should make the circle smaller and smaller until all of them are close enough to sit in each other’s lap without falling on their butt.

Human Pretzel

This is a really fun one of the party ideas for teenagers. All people should grab the hands of another person to form a human pretzel. The main point is to untwist themselves. Although it takes some time, you can be sure that kids will have a lot of fun


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