Ideas for Fun Filled Preschool Activities for Toddlers

Games and activities are just more than fun for little kids, particularly for preschoolers. Certain preschool activities really help with learning ability and physical development in toddlers. You can find various preschool activities online or take suggestions and tips from teachers and baby sitters regarding creative and interesting activities that you can teach to your toddler.

Preschool activities are not only a source of great fun and excitement for toddlers, but they also stimulate their learning skills during the play.

If you encourage toddler to join a playgroup for practicing preschool activities, it will provide lot of social interaction for them.

This will be really helpful for your toddler, particularly if he is not often surrounded with same age group. However, if you are planning for preschool activities for toddlers at your home, here are few ideas for you.

1. Create a home gym

This is one of the best preschool activities that your can provide for your little one. As we all know, young children have lots of energy to burn. So, if you provide them an opportunity to move daily or exercise regularly, it will be extremely helpful to them in physical development.

Simply construct a balance beam or set up pillows to jump and hop over. Make blanket tunnel and allow them to crawl through it and other obstacles around. No doubt your preschooler will definitely love these preschools activities.

2. Create a playing store

You can approach this particular activity in two ways based on your toddler’s skill levels. Simply grab things around your house and pretend to purchase things from your kid. Remember reserve your roles as desired for this preschool activity. These kinds of preschool activities can help your child in improving his counting skills.

3. Organize treasure hunt

This is one of the best preschool activities for toddlers that will enable mental stability and judgment skills. Collect few favorite toys and things of your child and hide them at several easy corners of your home. Give your child necessary clues or map to find things. Don’t forget to announce special rewards for winners.

4. Teach simple science experiments

Simple science experiments are best preschool activities for toddlers that come with fun and opportunity to learn about science. But, remember these particular preschool activities should be safe and your child should be able to practice safely without your presence. For instance, you can combine baking soda with vinegar to create a small volcano. Most preschoolers love to repeat this particular experiment several times.

Even kids love to know what sinks in water and what floats. So, you can demonstrate a small experiment in a clean glass or plastic container. Ask your toddler to collect few tiny things like stones, cotton balls, nuts, paper clips, etc. around your house and explain him what floats and what sinks.


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