Ready to Try Fun Summer Activities for Kids

There is almost no parent who’s not looking for fun summer activities for kids.

While you can take your child to an amusement park, there are also some other options as well that aren’t that expensive and that you can have at your home.

The best thing about them is that the child can also learn something.


Cork stamps

For this idea all you need are some corks that you have to carve to have the shape of fruits or vegetables. Add some coloring to them and the kids will have stamps that they can decorate almost anything with like stationery, gift cards and party invitations.

Chocolate mint puddings

The kids’ summer activities that are fun should involve some eating as well and they are even better if the kids get to have some sweets. For this idea you should add chocolate pudding to transparent glasses and top them with chocolate cookie ‘dirt’. In the end add some peppermint to the top so that it will look like a real plant.


Packing could also become one of the fun summer activities for kids. The little one may prepare for hiking or day at the beach. It might be fun to add to separate plastic bags the different things that he or she needs on different days. Also add labels to the bags to be sure that the child won’t forget about them.

Ginger bathing beauties

Making gingerbread people was always one of the summer fun activities for kids. Also add some chocolate filling to them to make them tastier. A really good idea is to decorate the gingerbread people with ‘bathing suits’ that are just perfect for the summer.

Picnic plates

When looking for fun summer activities for kids think about the fact that for a beach picnic you need the right plates. Get colorful plastic plates and add decorations to them. For instance you can turn a yellow plate into a sun and the red plate could become a crab.

Obstacle course party

Social interactions are important in case of the fun summer activities for kids as well. If you want to throw a party that has a summer-y feeling, think about an obstacle course party. These are really fun and they will fill the children with energy even not to mention that at the end of the day they will be sleeping like babies.


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