Summer Time’s The Perfect Time For Keeping Kids Active And Fit

Summer is here and that means it is time to keep your kids fit and active.

Step one is to turn off the television. It is too easy for kids to sit passively and watch TV for hours on end.

Limit the amount of time your children can spend watching television, or eliminate it entirely.

Don’t let your children swap one electronic babysitter for another. You will also want to limit computer time, cellphone time, and video game time as well.summer kids

Encourage your children to play outdoors. Your child should have sunscreen on when playing outdoors, and should avoid playing outside during the hottest part of the day, usually 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Playing in the water, whether it is swimming or just splashing, is a wonderful way to be active and stay cool. Remember that water washes away sunscreen, so reapply as needed.

Summer is a great time for new indoor activities, like dancing or martial arts classes. Summer is also a perfect time to attending various camps that are usually filled with all types of fun activities, even new ones like canoeing or hiking tours.

When you plan your summer holiday, look for opportunities to be active. Perhaps you are visiting a place that has walking tours or hiking trails. A visit to the zoo can be a lot of fun, and it offers plenty of opportunities for walking.

Swimming, as mentioned before, is a popular activity available at most summer vacation destinations. Even a game of miniature golf or walking around an amusement park can be fun. The important thing is to find easy ways to add movement to your day.

During the summer, many communities offer sports through their recreation or parks departments. Consider signing your child up to play soccer or baseball, or even to use the community pool. Your local YMCA may also offer activities.

Many children love riding bicycles. If your child has a bicycle that is no longer the right size, you can get a new one inexpensively by trading with another family, or by checking local thrift stores. Make sure your child has a well fitting helmet and wears it whenever he is riding his bike.

Skateboards, balls, jump ropes and other toys can be inexpensive and encourage your child to play outdoors.

If there are other children in your neighborhood, encourage your child to invite them over to play. Just two people are enough for a quick game of hoops or tossing a Frisbee, and only a few people are needed for a game of kick ball or soccer.


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