The Family Fitness Challenge Is Half Way Through

Several families participating in the Family Fitness Challenge, which is now half way through have been sharing what they have been doing to be part of the challenge by sending in their pictures and progress.

The family fitness challenge activities included a fun and games day, a scavenger hunt, a camping trip, and even an inner child play day:

  • The Calhoun family enjoyed an afternoon of circuit training getting out the toy box from the garage. Activities including hula hooping, jump rope, playing the Frisbee, etc. The adults of the family accompanied the kids to their park and enjoyed some kid’s playtime on the apparatus there – slides, monkey bars and swings were all par for the course.
  • The Dallas family played golf together and enjoyed pool exercises as a family. The adults also got into the hula hooping act. The family also went kayaking on the Potomac for a great upper body workout.
  • The Jirikowic family went camping on their bikes. At the two mile marker the family rested for a snack and to pet some animals. At the campsite there was beach exploration, throwing rocks to the sea, creating house from forest debris, climbing trees and walking the pier.


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