Why Child Exercise Is Vitally Important For Your Child’s Health?

Like adults, children need exercise. An hour of child exercise per a day is must for every child.

After acquiring sufficient strength child exercise can be formed in the open air, hence your child can bear the vicissitudes of the climate.

Children should always be allowed to entertain themselves at pleasure, for that they will generally take that kind and degree of exercise which is best calculated to promote the growth and development of the body.Child Exercise

In the uninhibited luxury of their youthful sports, every muscle of the body comes in for its share of active exercise; and as a result it promotes free growth, energy, and health of the body.

Affect of child exercise:

  • Balances the weight of your child
  • Allows restful sleep during nighttime
  • Children feel less stressed
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Child exercise builds and strengthens the bones, muscles and joints
  • Your child will actively learns in school
  • Reduces the blood pressure
  • Rises good cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes in some kids

Child exercise as a part of daily routine includes:

  • Walking for short distances for sometime
  • Doing some chores such as yard work or house work
  • Some activities like, swimming, bicycling, jogging, rolling, bouncing, jumping, skipping, running, catching, kicking and tossing a ball, etc

The exercise of horseback is most particularly useful where there is a tendency in the constitution to pulmonary consumption, either from hereditary or accidental causes. It is very beneficial because its influence is on the general health, as more directly on the lungs themselves.

Child exercise helps a child to acquire power and healthy function of the body. During riding this can be obtained without much fatigue to the body. The free and equal expansion of the lungs by full inspiration necessarily takes place.

This maintains the healthy structure of the child by keeping all the air passages open and pervious.

Hence it prevents clogging in the pulmonary circulation and at the same time provides more completely for the necessary chemical action on the blood by changing at each act of respiration.

Encouraging child exercise:

  • You can increase child exercise by reducing sedentary time. Reduce the activities of your child like watching TV, playing computer video games and talking on the phone.
  • The exercise should be fun for children.
  • You should try for active lifestyles and provide your child with opportunities for increased physical activity.


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