Best Way to Select an Adoption Agency

‘Adoption’ is a perennial process for both parents and children in a family that requires thorough research and networking skills in order to ensure the credibility of the agency chosen. One needs to compulsorily research on the different available options and programs while choosing an adoption agency. It is advised to take a minimum of two to three month time in investigating the various alternatives before making a decision on what best suits your family.

way to select an adoption agency

Some of the helpful tips to choose an adoption agency are mentioned below:

Evaluate Agencies and Ask the Right Question

Once you succeed in collecting maximum information, start evaluating the agencies to find out which of them offers the best program suitable for you. Do not hesitate in asking the right questions like the cost involved, the agency’s experience, training offered for different types of adoption, international adopting policy, any kind of supportive services offered and what type of counselling is provided to the actual birth parents of the child, if the infant is adopted domestically.


Try to achieve referrals from friends or neighbors who have gone through the process of adopting a child or have decided to place their child for adoption. At times, if the need arises, one can ask the adoption agency itself to provide certain referrals.

Agency Information

Seek accurate information about the working of the adoption agency.


It is necessary to know from beforehand all the financial obligations and costs involved for adoption. Your attorney should check the adoption agreement thoroughly before consent and confirm that all the obligations are fulfilled as per the agreement. It is therefore considered a fee-for-service arrangement.


Check if a satisfactory counselling for adoption is provided by the agency.

Other Services

Try to gather information of whether services are provided before and after adoption policy by the respective agencies.

Work of the Adoption Professional

An adoption professional undertakes either an open adoption or a closed adoption. It is considered good to seek your attorney’s view and experiences with both these types of adoption.

Health Policies

The health and stability of the adopting parents is a vital factor. Hence checks to confirm if the concerned procedures are in place are highly recommended.

Thus, investigating agencies is crucial for an adoption procedure. Ample time taken to seek correct information of the adopting agency frees you from further worries in the future and improves the chances of making the adoption process successful.


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