Do’s and Don’ts for Gay Parents

What is gay parenting?

Gay parenting refers to gay or lesbian couples raising children as parents or adoptive parents.

The pious lot of our society may have a lot of issues against homosexual couples becoming parent children for reasons mostly moral or religious but scientists have decided to focus on the most important factor that is homosexual parenting equation: kids. Do kids fare worse when raised by gay parents than kids of heterosexual parents?

The answer is a big NO. The point is children need to be aware and in full practice of the same set of ethical and moral values whether they are being raised by gay parents or straight. Parents need to instill in them the values of equality and fraternity, liberal ideas, broad-mindedness and much more to raise them to be wise and sensible individuals.

This is a list of do’s and don’ts for gay couples. Keep the pointers in mind for efficient parenting and raising kids who will love you and respect you for who you are.

Do’s and Don’ts for Gay Parents

What gay parents should do

1. Teach your kids to be bold

Courage is a virtue that children of both gay and straight parents need to possess. But, given the fact that the children of gay parents, face bullying and ridicule that almost goad them to drastic actions, gay parents need to make their children more strongly aware of the need to be bold and fearlessly unashamed at the face of ridicule and general jest.

2. Teach your kids to be liberal

Make sure that your children aren’t inculcating narrow-minded ideas from the overtly pious society and bullying peers. Teach them to be liberal-minded, because only then can they be able to survive with their heads held high. Your children will be judged for a various reasons like addressing you as “Mummy” and “Mummy”, but make sure that these judgmental remarks and hate don’t get under their skin. Only being liberal-minded will they be able to thwart such evils in our society and build a better tomorrow.

3. Teach your kids to be proud of their identity

Your kids might start feeling bad about identifying themselves as children of gay parents. The so-valued “moral” fabric of the society instigates the children to think so and feel guilty of their parentage. So it depends on the parents to teach their kids to be proud of their identity and rescue them from spiraling down to identity and existential crisis. Teach them that a rainbow is beautiful and that everyone is free to love whoever they want to love. If possible, parents should introduce their kids to the basics of gender studies to help them understand and fall in love with their identity.

What gay parents should NOT do

1. Do not impose your sexual orientation upon your kids

Let your kids discover their sexuality for themselves. Whether they would be gay or straight is up to them. Respect their choice of partners in life.

2. Do not isolate your kids from the rest

Do not teach them to stay away from the society even if a section of it is bullying them and ridiculing their identity. Encourage them to mingle with the other kids in the block. There will be one or two liberal-minded ones, who will become friends for life, and the rest will follow suit. So make sure they are not playing on their own at home. Isolation will only make them feel depressed. Let them mingle and stay happy.


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