Is Adoption An Option For You? Things To Consider

Having a child to nurture, look after and having them love you back are just some of the reasons why childless couples consider adoption.

Adoption is not something that you undertake lightly, even though it has been greatly glamorized by celebrities such Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Several things would have to be considered before you decide to adopt:

Is this something you and your partner really want?

Remember that one is taking the responsibility of bringing up a person here – parenting is demanding, taxing and can be a drain of resources.

The fact that it is hugely rewarding is something that you should consider later. Consider adoption only if you are fully committed and have the full support of your spouse.

Consider your options:

You can opt for private adoption or go through an adoption agency or organization. The latter can take a lot of time and it is not often that one may have the chance of adopting a child younger than six years of age.

Further, is it an open or closed adoption that you are considering? In a closed adoption, you have no knowledge about the identity of the birth mother, and neither will you have any contact with them.

In the case of an open adoption contact with the birth mother can be maintained and you can even keep her informed about the child’s progress with pictures and so on.

Prepare yourself for possible disappointments and delays:

Adoption can be long drawn out and complex process. It will take time and could mean a few dead ends. So if you’re prepared to be patient and not let a possible disappointment get you down, then consider adoption.

Remember to consult a good lawyer:

This can greatly ease the process for you. Adoption can mean a lot of legal processes and nitty gritty that can make people confuse people.

It is best to have a knowledgeable lawyer on the job, who not only knows the ropes, but takes care of the details and gives you a realistic idea of what to expect.

Prepare yourself to have your life altered:

Whereas having your own child gives you time to adjust emotionally to the prospect of parenthood, with an adopted child you have to make the adjustment overnight in some cases.

For many it can be difficult to adjust to the idea of a child who is not one’s own flesh and blood. If these things don’t matter and you’re prepared for all that having a child entails, then by all means go for it!


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