Have Doubts about Single Parent Adoption? Consider These Factors

Single people have the desire to adopt a child for the same reasons as do couples – a child is someone to love, nurture and give a happy life to, and is someone who in turn will love and fulfill the adult as well.

Single parent adoption can and does receive criticism in that a traditional two parent family is best for a child and that a single parent cannot give a child all the benefits of a traditional family.

It is also true that a single parent may have added pressure; financial and emotional that may make it difficult to raise a child on one’s own.

Further many agencies, particular international adoption agencies can and do frown upon this adoption.

However consider the following facts why single parent adoption can make a lot of sense –

1.Singles have the same desire and ability to nurture as do couples; the desire to share the experience of their own happy childhood with a child.

Also due to high divorce rates and high rates of single mothers, statistics show that one in five Caucasian kids, one in three Hispanic kids and half of African American children are in single parent homes so there is no reason for there to be discrimination against singles who want to adopt

2.It is also true that children fare better in single parent homes than in home with parental discord or strife. The mental and financial stress of a divorce and the impact of this on a child are very significant factors.

A single parent is as capable as a couple, to provide a stable and loving home for a child – it is always possible for singles to take the help of extended family and friends.

3.It may often be the case that a single parent may be able to concentrate more of their energies, financial and other resources and time to an adopted child, with no need to concentrate their energies on a spouse or partner.

It is often the case that by the time that a person thinks of adopting a child, they are at a financial secure place in their lives and careers so that they are able to provide very well physically and financially for the child. In fact statistics show that single parents are of higher income and education brackets than the average.

4.If a person doesn’t want to consider an infant or a small child for single parent adoption, they could consider an older child. For instance a career oriented individual may be unwilling or unable to care for an infant, in which can they could choose to adopt an older child such as a school aged child or a teen.

In fact it may be easier to find an adoptive child who is older since most couples who want to adopt are looking for babies rather than older kids.

For individuals who are looking to adopt, Adoption.com is an excellent resource for single parent adoption – where do you start, what kinds of adoption are possible, photo listings, parent profiles and lots more information and guidance available at the site including information about international adoption.


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