How to be a Successful Foster Carer

When you become a foster carer with Fostering Solutions, you will receive help and support from them regarding all aspects of caring for your foster child. Setting rules, providing a stable environment and encouraging a routine for the child are all significant parts of the role.

Children seeking to be fostered come from a variety of backgrounds and in time, the child may want to talk to you about their problems, so it is important that they feel like they can trust you – and mutual trust takes time to develop. If you were to define success as a foster carer it would surely be succeeding in making a child feel safe, happy and welcome.

Of those aged 12+, surveyed last year, 100 per cent of them said they were happy with their foster carers – there’s no reason you can’t be amongst those carers.


Foster Carer viewpoints 2012 – An infographic by the team at Fostering Solutions


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