The Biggest and Worst Myths about Adoption

We hear a lot about adoption, be it at a party or during a conversation at home. Adoption is often brought up on TV, radio and many other channels. But what we mostly hear about adoption is often not the real or the complete truth. There are many myths associated with adoption and these are often far from the truth. But this is a delicate matter about which everyone must be clear, especially those who are planning to adopt a baby soon. The following are some of the biggest and worst myths about adoption refuted:

biggest and worst myths about adoptionMost Birth Mothers are Teenagers

While it is true that many teenager mothers agree to get their babies adopted by others, but generalizing this fact is a mistake.  Most birth mothers are not teenagers but may be either single or may not have the financial stability to raise the child.

There are no Heathy Babies to Adopt

This is another big myth associated with adoption. Many babies are adopted each year and most of them are healthy babies. Thus saying that no healthy babies are there to adopt is s mistake.  Babies placed for adoption are as safe as other babies.

The Adoption Process may take Years

Adoption process may often take long but it never takes years. The timeframe for each case may vary but the time only depends on the kind of profile you have and the kind of adoption center you are dealing with.

The Birth Mother can Show up to Ask for the Baby Back

This is another myth which is associated with adoption.  If an adoption takes place following the proper legal procedure, the birth mother cannot demand her baby back from you. But before finalization of the process, some states have a time period during which the birth mother can change her mind.

Closed Adoptions are Better

Many people believe that closed adoptions are better but this too is nothing but a big myth. An adoption is an adoption, whether it is open or closed. So it is not advisable to give preference to a close adoption.

All Adoptions are Expensive

This is not true. Not all adoptions are expensive and the cost of adoption may vary from case to case.  Adopting an older child can be a little less expensive and the age of the child even in infancy is a big factor which determines the cost.


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