Are You Upset With Aggressive Behavior Of Your Toddler?

Aggression in toddlers is normal and healthy. However, some toddlers are so aggressive that they often become angry and bites, hits, kicks, punches, pulls the hair, pinches, etc without any obvious reason.

Toddlers who are very aggressive-likes need special concentration and consideration.

Every parent knows about his or her kids and the times when they become aggressive.

The toddlers try to become independent and they become aggressive because they have immature impulse control.aggressive behavior

Some amount of hitting and biting of toddlers is natural, so there is nothing to worry for the parents if their toddlers are aggressive.

Toddlers usually do not know that they are hurting you with hitting and biting and they do not know their strength. Even though this behavior is normal, parents should limit the aggressive behavior in toddlers.

How to prevent aggressive behavior in toddlers?

When your kid is showing aggressive behavior, first you have to stay calm. Take your child out from that aggressive situation and make your kid comfortable for sometime, then you just talk to your kid and explain about the way he/she did and how much it hurts. You should also tell the aggressive kid about what he/she did and that the behavior is not appropriate.

Try to learn the triggers that cause aggression in your child. Most of the children get aggressive when they are hungry, tired, etc. Some children also become aggressive if there is disturbance in their routine.

Children learn everything from parents and they have impact of parents. Because children all the time imitate their parents, you should become a role model to them. You should react appropriately in front of children when you are upset.

For example, if your kid misbehaves, then you should not shout at him/her and should not react aggressively to him.

You should explain your kids if they become aggressive instead of giving discipline. Discipline does not always work out, so you need to let them know that hitting is not correct and talk openly to your kids.

You should acknowledge your kids the appropriate behavior. Tell them about how you would like them to act and set clear limits before they start to involve in other activities.

Appreciate their good behavior. When the kids are not reacting aggressively, then do not miss the opportunity to appreciate them.

Avoid television, movies, video games, etc because children are affected with the violence seen in media. So, limit the violence of media that your children view because they cannot understand the difference between the real life and the media.

Children do not know what is correct and what is wrong. You need to watch your children from time to time, so that you can know for what your children is becoming aggressive. Spend as much time as possible with your kids.


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