Behavioral Problems in Toddlers

Although you might think that all toddlers are the same, the truth is that some of them have to struggle with things you would have never imagined, such as behavioral problems in toddlers. This is something that all parents should know about so that they would know what to look out for.

Behavioral Problems in Toddlers

Toddlers’ Behavioral Problems

The problems of this kind could involve emotions, behavior, mental performance or physical function. There are a lot of factors that can influence the appearance and development of the problems, such as parenting style that may be inconsistent or contradictory, marital or family problems, neglect, abuse or injury.

Habit Disorders

In case you are interested in problems of behavior in toddlers you should know about habit disorders that can consist of thumb sucking, stuttering or ticks. This means showing repetitive behavior. The main point of habit disorders is that by repeating them children feel more relaxed. In fact, in some cases this might be the only thing that relaxes them.

It is interesting to know about the behavioral problems in toddlers that at the beginning they might be voluntary actions that later become a habit. It is possible for these actions to be an imitation of adults’ actions.

Anxiety Disorders

When it comes to the toddlers’ problems with behavior parents should know that it is normal for children to experience some level of anxiety.

However, if a child is anxious most of the times, it may become a serious problem. The truth is that about 6%-7% suffer from anxiety disorders.

In many cases the behavioral problems in toddlers have something to do with a phobia. There isn’t always a logical explanation why children develop phobias; they just do. The most common problems include obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia and separation anxiety disorder.

Disruptive Behavior

If you are interested in the behavior problems that toddlers have, you should also think about disruptive behavior. Some kinds of behavior are acceptable at a certain age, but if they occur at a later age, it might be an alarming sign. In many cases children have tantrums or hold their breath because they cannot control their environment. In this case the best thing that the parent can do is to leave the room.

The behavioral problems in toddlers play an important role in kids’ development and they could determine the future development of the child thus determining his entire life.


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