Cheating Problem In Children! What To Do?

Cheating in children has become more problematic now than ever before. There is nothing new about cheating in children, but now it is becoming an epidemic.

Studies showed that cheating among schoolchildren has risen heavily during the last five decades.

All kids of school age know about cheating. Cheating is an act of lying, copying, misleading, fraud, deception, deceit, or masquerade for gaining profit to oneself.

On a certain level, every child recognizes cheating to be a wrong act.cheating problem

But, they do it for several reasons like: to become top of the class, achieve better percentage or grades, get into a high standard school, get out of trouble, or attempting it to know what it is like to cross the rules.

Cheating and its consequences:

Children often cheat without knowing its consequences. The consequences of cheating will be very hard for a child to understand and to deal with. Therefore, as a parent, it is very important for you to discuss about cheating and its consequences with your child before it becomes a problem. Here are some of the cheating consequences to inform your children:

  • Cheating is a falsehood and it makes everyone misbelieve that you have more knowledge than you actually possess.
  • It infringes the trust of your teachers and parents.
  • It is a way of deceiving the other students who are fair and honest.
  • Cheating makes one to eventually lose their confidence and self-respect.
  • Cheating others is nothing but cheating oneself. If you cheat and trouble others, you will find no respect among people and they think of you very badly.
  • If cheating in school becomes very easy for you, then cheating in other situations in life also becomes easier.
  • Cheating in school always makes you feel worry, uncomfortable, guilty, and embarrass about being caught by teachers or others.
  • Once you are caught while cheating, everybody degrades and neglects you. Because of it, you can get into huge troubles at school as well as at home.
  • By cheating, you are making yourself out of learning and gaining knowledge and keeping yourself away from identifying how excellent your learning skills and other capabilities are.

How To Deal With Cheating Problem in Children?

As the problem of cheating in children is very difficult to deal with, here are some useful tips to keep your child away from cheating:

  • Discuss with your child about what cheating exactly is, why cheating is wrong and emphasize the consequences of cheating.
  • If you find your child cheating, be patient and try to determine the reason for cheating. Once you identify the reason, try to help your child with the problem. Also, consult and ask the teacher for help to resolve the problem.
  • Never label your child as a cheater. Try to make your child know that you love and care for him/her. Also, make your child know that you hate the cheating behavior in your child and not him/her.
  • Be a role model for your child. Children often try to imitate their parents. Therefore, if your child notices you cheating then indirectly you are encouraging and supporting that cheating is acceptable.
  • Try to motivate your child and make him/her know that learning and doing their school works punctually is more essential than earning good grades.
  • Never put excess pressure on your child to achieve good grades. Always give confidence to your child and encourage to try little more for better grades instead of scolding and punishing him/her.


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